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Done Right? I am DOING it RIGHT!

It has been quite a long time since I last joined any movie premiere screening or events from Nuffnang because I have been busy with my theater practice every fortnight in Unisel. And since my laptop broke down two weeks ago, I couldn't afford to surf the net and catch up on new things (such as new contests or whatever..). But during the mid term break last week, I managed to went to a cyber cafe and surf the net. Trying to update my blog. And while I was at it, I took a chance to enter the DiGi Done Right Camp contest. And guess what, that day itself, Teoh Xian Xian a.k.a. Fresh called me to confirm my attendance for the camp. Wooohooo! I was selected. I was glad.

The contest strikes me awe because I really wanted to go to the D'House because in the pictures, it looked awesome! And it was!!! So, on the 15th of January itself, I was supposed to be at the Kelana Jaya LRT Station to catch the bus for those who have no form of transportation to go to the location around 8.30, but I was late because of the bus from my area was running late. So I got there at 9am over. I called Fresh and she said that I might have to take a cab to the location. Well, it costed me a bloody RM20 but I made it. That's all that matters.

When I got there, there was already a few people around. I registered myself and head to the place where they were serving breakfast. The D'House looked uh-mah-zing. I could tell that the architect was very talented as everything is very chic and edgy. It's portrays simplicity but at the same time, it's extraordinarily brill. The event hadn't actually started because some of them are still not around. I admit, I was utterly surprised because the turn-outs wasn't at all a large number, but quite a few only. Well, I'm assuming that most of them went to the Om Nom Nom Maxis Race.

After a while, we were finally called to this seminar room where there are a bunch of motivation posters all pasted on the wall. My thoughts were going, "is this gonna be one of those seminar camps? Is that why the contest said it is a camp? Motivation camps?!"

I, myself had been to a couple of these kind of motivation seminar camps and frankly, I've gained nothing. Most of them managed to give a two to three days impact change but after that, it seems to have faltered away. And that's why I don't favor these kinds of camp. For me, it's a total waste of time. Honestly, that was what I was thinking. But despite the fact that I was there and considering another big obvious fact that everything was paid for, I decided not to question or put up an act about it. I'll go with the flow.

It started with Mr.P a.k.a. Prashan, briefing us about the two days camp itinerary. When I looked at the itinerary, my thoughts went, "Ughh.... two days full of motivation speeches... I'm gonna die of boredom..." But then I kept quiet and listened to the briefing till it's finish. After the briefing, we were quite entertained by the presentation about the android phones and the new Windows Phone 7 Series, and also about the fact about internet and the users by these two people:
Sorry.. I've forgotten what is their name. But they did an awesome job on their presentation part.

After their presentation, we finally kick it off with the seminar by the introduction of Mr. U2 Kumar.

photo credited to Philippe

So it started off quite okay and not bad for me, although I wasn't ready to open up my mind and went all the way with the flow as per I still have my ego and pride riding on me on that time. It was Phillipe, who sat two chairs next to me who got me talking for a while. He encouraged me not to be too quiet and join the crowd. I tried for a few while and it kind of opens me up totally. But not because of what I realized myself to do it, but it was what Mr.Kumar said. He was saying something and it kind of ticked off my heart to let all those pride and ego floats away. It was the beginning. I began to see that camp in a whole new way. Besides, it is way different than any other motivation camp I've been too. It really is.

After a while, we were released outside for lunch.

During lunchtime, I got to know a couple more friends and I was not afraid of skeptical to get to know them and have a conversation with them.

 This Micheal guy is really funny! I ended up quarreling with him every time we bump into each other during the camp. Always picking on each other.

After lunch, it is finally the time for the most awaited tour around D'House.

 It started off with Mr.P showing us around the meeting room. This is the place where if clients came over to talk about and discuss about matters go to.

The interesting thing about is was that they have two meeting room with a completely different style. One of it is the traditional Malaysian style room,

...and the other one is the country Western style room, complete with charming interior.

Next, we were shown around the cafe (if I'm not mistaken)

Mr.P told us that most of the furniture and the decor inside this building mostly cost more than RM1000. Can you imagine, all those things inside the D'House costed more than RM1000 at least?! And just imagine how many more furniture are there inside this huge artistic building?!

 This is one more of the EXPENSIVE decor inside D'House. Can you guess how much does this one set of furniture costs? A bloody fine of RM16,000. 

Continuing on with the tour, Mr.P brought us over at the second floor where he showed us the meeting rooms for the workers in D'House.

I could totally say that they have very excellent taste in terms of decorating the place. It is just magnificent! Brill! And the best part of it, these room aren't called meeting room #1 and #2 like most companies do. Their meeting rooms are named as Islands of vacation spots like Bora-Bora, Bali, Peru, Phuket and many more. So, eventually, when someone is asking where they are going, they can sey "We're going to Bora-Bora". Isn't that brilliant?

And they are totally casual about everything. Mr.P told us that they don't have to wear formal clothing every single time they go to work and most of them are not totally chained to work in the office. They can work from their own home too.

This is one of the Doughnut Meeting Rooms. It works like a private room where short informal meetings are situated in case of an unexpected visits. It's very cool, you can even move the wall around it.

 This is another interesting fact revealed by Mr.P about the organization system in D'House. In DiGi, they try their very level best to not consume any paper for paperworks or drafting or even notes. Even when they have meetings, all they ought to bring is their laptop or phones to take data. That makes them, a Paper-less company. If by any chance they have to use papers, they will re-plant another tree as compensation. This way, they will help the eco-system at the same time. Brilliant, isn't it?

...and in case they really need to jot down something, they'll ahve to jot down on the glass wall, take a picture of it and then cleans it up. Systematically innovative right?

Next, he brought us over this open-space area where most of the Digizens come out to relax and reload (reload as if in eat, not the phone top-up reload, okayh?!)


 usually on weekdays, we can see the waterfall by the lake but since we were there on weekend, they shut it off.

 see, this is the reload place I told you about... it's like a cafeteria.
.....that's where they'll be eating!

 oh... by the way, that's Dewi. One of my groupmates during the camp!

 This is the multi-purpose hall, where most of the time, events are hold in this area. Interesting story told by Mr.P, they did a spa program there... in that hall. I wonder if it's even possible.

Next was the Call Center where there are more then hundreds of people answering phones for customer services. Whoa, that really surprises me.. I never actually knew there were this many people working under customer service's department.

 They even did this collage of all the people working under Call Center. So damn creative!!!

 Before we end the tour, Mr.P brought us over to a rather interesting part of the office. This is actually the stairways in the D'House. There was this one day where the Digizens could bring over their children and all of them worked together to paint the stairways into a creative piece of art.

This is the final location of the tour where we could get to see the top view of the lobby.

Around the D'House, there are a lot of pretty and artistic decorations which one can just simply stare and adore at it's uniqueness.

  The flowers decor however, changes every week.

After the tour, we were then called back inside for more innovative and inspiring talk. This time around, we were divide into five groups,and from now on, whatever we do, we'll be rewarded with KB (as if in kilobytes) as points to reach our goal of 3 GB to graduate from this camp (ensuring that we have learned what is it needed to be learn).

Zuri, Dewi, Farha,Me and Elwyn. Umm... Mr.Black Pitt there is not our teammates...He's just menyebok je... (kah kah kah)
photo credited to Phillipe

We are enforce with the importance of teamwork. We learned having more ENERGY as PASSION is derived from it to achieve our main goals as SUPER BLOGGERS. We were also thought to support others whenever they are not at the best of it. Saying "I support you" to people might seemed ridiculous and somewhat idiotic but believe it or not, if you're really up to it and the energy you've shown in imparting the support, I assure you, it is very refreshing. It's not about being stupid or moronic in saying those words, but the sincerity and integrity given when you pass along those words. These are what really counts. The phrase "I support you" really does give an impact to me.

Another word that changes my life so suddenly is the word "CHALLENGE". Believe it or not, we tend to face problems every single day and the only way we recognize it as problems in our life. That is what really sets us aback and strain us from achieving the performance which we tend to strive for, the EXTRAORDINARY performance of a blogger. When we say 'problem', our mind sees it as something that is difficult to face. That-a-way, we started to get de-motivated and gives up on working harder. But by replacing the word 'problem' with CHALLENGE, our mind are fooled into thinking that it is really a challenge. Because when it comes to challenges, we can overcome it easily as it is really not a threat but a race. So, you see the Mr.Kumar thought that WORDS HAVE POWER and I do so believe that words DO have power and we are never to underestimate it.

After that inspiring talk, we were asked to sits in group and solve the treasure hunt and win ourselves some interesting prizes. Well, the thing is, this treasure hunt is a different type of treasure hunt where there's no running or scavenging required. All we need are good internet connection speed, and good pair of eyes. Because the treasure hunt involves in searching or googling something on the net and solving the riddle to win the prizes. It's a new type of treasure hunt. 

Solving the crossword puzzle which we are required to fill in the boxes with location names.
After the game, it is time for more inspiring talks. And this time around, we were taught that for things to change, I MUST CHANGE FIRST. Though many of you have heard about this a lot of time and from different places in a different phrase, how many of you actually does this? This phrase is by far a very proven phrase. If we want something to change, we ourself must change first. I'm relating this to my experience. I was blamed for cucuk-belakang-ing (hahaha!!!) my friends and because of that, I was alienated and isolated by my closest friends at the hostel. Nobody even spoke to me or try to get my explanation of why it happened. But after I got back from the camp, I told myself that if I want this situation to change, I must change first. So, I took a big step and went to my friends. I apologize to them if I ever did any wrong and they forgave me. In this case, I really must say that if I wanted things to change so badly, I must change myself first. This is soooooo true!

And we were also taught on how to improve our communication skills. By following the S.H.I.T.... yup. SHIT. Well,
S = (forgotten)
H = (forgotten)
I = Intensity of Eye Contact
T = Transfer of feelings
So, in order to improve on our communication with other people, we really need to practice this four skills. (I'll refer to them back at the poster we've gotten later). OH yeah, we are also taught that in order for us to succeed, we must never blame others but accept anything wrong as my fault.

After all, there are NO FAILURES, only WRONG RESULTS caused by us. And if that were to happen, all we need to do is CHANGE STRATEGY.If we do that, we'll not just be able to change the results to the desired one, but also helps us to never give up and keep on trying.

That wraps up the first day of the camp and we are set to leave for the Carlton Hotel to rest. We were also given a goodie bag with some neat things inside.

Arriving at the hotel, most of us didn't directly went off to sleep. Most of us stayed up because we had an assignment to do which requires us to write a blog post about what we had learned on the first day of camp. The best written blog will be given an exclusive prize. We also had to discuss about the skit presentation we were suppose to present on the next day about the good and bad of the internet. We decided to do a mini play instead.


On the next day, I woke up a wee bit late than I wanted to because I didn't want to miss the chance to have breakfast at the hotel. Well, lucky for me, when I got done, not many of them were there. I thought they were late but actually. they had already ate and went up to their rooms to pack up their things.

The breakfast served by the hotel management was delicious. There was just too much of a choice for me to eat.

 There's Malaysian style food : Nasi Lemak, and Kueh Mueh.

...and there's a freaking lots of western style foods : Mashed Potato, Baked Beans, Sausages, Toasts, Omelets, and Cereals.

after breakfast, it's Bye-bye Carlton!

...and Hello again D'House
So, after we arrived at the D'House, there was another set of breakfast waiting for us. For those who have contentedly eating at the Carlton before coming over to D'House, would just simply drink the coffees and teas provided. Others would eat. And some others, would just relax.

After a while, it was time for another session of the talk. This time around. we were taught about how being MENTALLY TOUGH can help go through a lot of pressure and distressing moments.It's damn freaking true, alright. Whatever happens, it all comes back to the mental processing. If our minds are not strong enough to fend off NEGATIVE THOUGHTS AND PEOPLE, then we are doomed to emotional breakdowns and sufferings. We above all else should shape up our minds and make of a MENTAL WARRIOR out of it. 

Day two of the camp really gets into all emotional and personal because it lets us share our personal feelings and opinions throughout other bloggers. We shared pain, tears and happiness altogether. We sang songs and hold on to each other tight, grasping for those little merry moments together. And the final activity really surprises me. We were told to interview at least 15 people and exchange opinion about each other. It was full of sentiment moments. Some cried, some shed tears, some smiled happily and hug the other person, indicating warmth and pleasure of acquainting. What surprises me was that out of all the eleven people I interviewed, all of them answered the first question, "What I like about you is YOUR LAUGH". I get it. I laugh a lot and many of my friends distinguish me as special because of my laughter. But it has been quite a long time since my laughter was the reason that people find me friendly or cheerful. For that reason itself, has brought me to tears.

After some sentimental moments, it was time for our graduation. And expectantly, all of the groups graduated, including us.

credit to Farha for the photo

credit to Phillipe for both these photos

After the graduation, it's time for the winner of the best supporter, best blog post, best Tweet, and best Facebook status updates. And the winners are;

Best Supporter

Best Blog Post

credit to Dewi for the photo
Best Facebook Status Updates

credit to Cheng Jit Ming for the photo
Best Tweet

And oh god, I'm so jealous that Rayyan and Rabiatul got the HTC phones. But, remembering the most important lesson that I've learnt throughout the two days camp, HAVING A BIG HEART, I should always be supportive to other's success! And so, I support you guys and well done!!!

credit to Farha for the photo

After all the prize-giving ceremony, it's finally the end of the camp. Before leaving with the bus, we were served with one last dinner by the D'House. It was really an exciting and wonderful experience, having to be able to go there, experience the wonders and meeting with a bunch of whole new friends.

This DiGi Done Right Camp have really done me right and I really am grateful to be able to be there, learn how to become a better person, and experience a different side of life. But one thing that I'll treasure the most is the people I've met and made friends with! Although it was only for two days, it is really really wonderful and blissful to be able to meet and know you guys! Til next time!

Thanks to Phillipe for all of these pictures!!!!!
and Thank you to both Nuffnang and DiGi for giving me this undoubtedly beautiful memory !!!!!

p/s: check out this video my and my groupmates made at the D'House! click here!


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    GREAT EFFORT man!! :D

    I Support youuuuuuuu!!! XD

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    I support you! :D

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