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DiGi Done Right Camp : Day 1

This is Mia, reporting from the Carlton Hotel Lobby, alongside a number of blogger updating their blog about our first day of the DiGi Done Right Camp and what they have learnt. Well, honestly, there are tons of things we learnt today. So many, many things.

So many power words and inspiring mottoes or life determination to be upheld to ensure in our self-realization (soul-search kind of) awareness. The seminar held by Mr. U2 Kumar (sorry, I don't know your full name) was really one of a kind. Really, it does. Instead of enforcing us on a harshness of our ways and how stupid we are, and focusing on how to succeed in our goal like most seminars do, this seminar is way, way, waaaaaaaaaaay different! He taught us on how to be more respective and supportive to others, to always remember that whatever we done right is a part of making everything goes right, to make changes if we want to be treated differently, and to always never forget to face everything with a big heart. Besides, he was a really, really, really funny guy! I can't stop laughing everytime he opens up his mouth.

Earlier, before the seminar started, there was some sort of a demo on the newest android phones which is way smarter than smartphones (which is waaaay freaking awesome), and the new Windows Phone 7 Series which is like the most smoothest application running on the phone with smoothness like no other! I want those phones!

But the best part of it all wasn't that, it was the new friends I made. Since I already knew Azham, so, it wasn't that much of a problem getting to know his other friends, but frankly, I got more blogger friends now! And they're all such cool bloggers like most of us do! I am so glad that I joined this DiGi Done Right Camp. I'm super duper glad!!!!

p/s: I didn't brought my USB Cable for my phone, so I wasn't able to upload any pictures! I'll update later with the pictures!


  1. helooooooo.. jz bookmarked your blog :)

  2. mr u2 kumar? haha... have fun!

  3. LOL..mimie u pon pg ke camp nih~ huuhu
    xkumpe si azham ker?? huhu jeles xajak!! XP

  4. mimie : I followed ur blog
    dewi : me support you too!
    prav : it was!
    suzai : jumpa laaa! laaa.... sorry baa!


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