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Crazy about iPad

A few weeks back, I wanted to go out and buy a shoe because my shoe has already worn out. I've worn that shoe since the start of my Degree and now it's finally coming to an end. It has already worn out and there's holes at the base of the shoe because of exhaustion. So, I asked Myra to accompany me. She told me to go to Times Square. I kind of had Sungei Wang in my head because I saw a cool looking shoe there when I was out during the Year End Countdown. So, it was an okay decision. But somehow, Myra had an alternate motive to go to Times Square. She was actually wanting to go to the Apple shop to look at iPads, which she have been wanting to have it sooooooo freaking bad. Everytime we go out and she saw a person using one, she would go nuts, and chants "ami, ak nak iPad...nak iPad" again and again. So, the reason she brought me over to Times Square was to go to the Apple shop and play with the sample iPads provided. 

And because of her, I got hooked up too! I want an iPad sooooo bad too!!! But it's pretty damn expensive!!! Myra is planning to buy the first package of 16GB which cost about RM1,999. Naaaay... If I wanted an iPad, I really have to wait for the next installment of my PTPTN loan then. But noooo... I'm not gonna waste it on this. I have another use for that money.



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