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Back for XMAS

Okay. It's been quite a freaking looooooooooooooooong time. Three weeks is already a long time for a blogger to not be updating his blog and frankly, I didn't quite do it on purpose. First of all, I had tons of assignments to be done (new semester NEW ASSIGNMENTS and I mean HARDER ones!), my laptop got into a bit of fudge situation (--- again!) and I had to send it over to the PC Shop to be repaired, my broadband connection is like suck-y (I don't know what the F happen, it doesn't have speed consistency at all) thus no internet to update, and finally, it's because I hardly have anything to blog on my weekdays since everything at the campus is already topsy-turvey-whoopsie-daisy WRONG. Why wrong? I'm too tired to even think of it already. All I know is that I no longer have that same much joy living at Unisel as I used to.

And that's why, these recent entries that I am going to make up for are mostly what happens on the weekends, which I finally decided to spend my weekends at home in Ampang than in that wretched Unihell. Whoa... that is a GRAVE OFFENSE. I am sure going to get sued for that. But then again, there are a freaking lot more people out there that wrote much more bad things about it.

Okay, so... what is hip these last couple weeks. Oh yeah, XMAS!

So, I wanted to go out in KL during XMAS Eve to look at all the decor and stuffs which happen to fall nicely during Friday, by which I would already have been in Ampang. So, Friday morning on the 24th, after the class, I took a bus straightaway to KL. Once I got to KL, I dropped by the Masjid Jamek to wait for Wanie to pick me up. It's been quite a long time since I haven't seen Wanie. Cause she's always not around and when she does, she can't go out any later than how Myra and I used to. After she picked me up, we went to Wangsa Walk, just to leisure around while waiting for Myra to come over from her work.

Once she arrives, we chatted for a while. Oh my god, it was fun! So much fun, chatting together. We haven't done that for quite a long time already. Hanging out, all three of us, present! After a while, Wanie suggested we go somewhere else for dinner. She actually rejected the thought of our usual lepak-ing spots like Old Town or the rest and called it the "rich people's place", but frankly, Old Town isn't all that expensive. If you guys have ever been to an Old Town franchise before, you would also say the same thing, it ain't expensive at all. The food and the service are great too! Anyway, we just followed her since we have no reason to quarrel over where to eat.

Considering by the time we were going to the place Wanie was suggesting, it was already 5pm over and roads all around have started to cause a traffic.

And Myra was kind of tired of driving because she just got out from her office and straight away went to Wangsa Walk and now she had to drive us to another place in a heavy traffic. Pity her.

Finally, after getting through the traffic and going left and right, left and right, here and there, like we don't know where to go, Wanie brought us to this side-road restaurants. She compels to us and said, "sorry la... ktorg tak mampu nak bwk korg g tempat makan mahal2. Ktorg mkn kt tmpat2 cmnie jer...Boleh tak?"

Oh Wanie darling, anywhere is fine, as long as they have food and it's delicious. But truth be told, we rarely go to these kinds of restaurants because.... it's... it's....... common.

 Anyway, I forgot to mention, Wanie brought along her cousin, Eja which is quite a funny person. I had tons of fun laughing to her jokes and sarcastic puns. Frankly, she is very funny and quite a lively wench. But she doesn't strike me as my type of friend to be close to. Just as acquaintance is enough.

Frankly, the foods there aren't all that delish and I was very disappointed by the waiter because I asked for a "Nasi Kerabu" but he gave me a "Nasi Goreng Kerabu" instead (which is also not very delish). I was kind of thankful that I managed to buy myself a Sub when we were in Wangsa Walk and ate it there because I was really famished at the time.

At first, we kind of ignored all the little stuff like, the foods are arriving late and all, but when mosquitoes started to bite around our legs, Myra and I can no longer take it and took a leave. Sorry Wanie, we had to leave you but this is the reason why usually don't hang out at these kinds of places. It is mostly uncomfortable!

And I actually planned to go out again later that night with Myra to Pavillion for the Xmas stuff but Myra had to cancel because she was exhausted and drained out of energy. Too bad for me.....

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