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the APEK who left

Do you know who this apek is?!
well, he has been my roommate and our housemate for almost a year and he is by the far one of the most funniest guy I've ever met. He's actually my senior in TESL Bachelor and coincidentally agreed to stay with me and the rest of the guys at Taman Ilmu as our housemate. 
Though we don't have the same timetable or class but whenever he's at home, it'll always be noisy with his laugh and his shriek. Shriek?! Yes, he does. Once in a while....Hehe. But the thing I like the most about him is his nonsensical humor. He's funny and always fresh with jokes. He likes to tease and kid around with us, despite the fact that he is way mature than us.

One year was enough to get to know him well. Well, he does have his personal life but he mix around with us quite a lot. He's very hygienic, very mature, understanding, has awesome singing skills, high level of English, a good dancer, kind-hearted, not stingy, loves to jokes around, and mostly an excellent entertainer.

But, now, he already left us for practicum and everyone seems to missed him a lot. Even after he left, my room was no longer that noisy. Okay, so what drove me to write this entry is because he left each of us a farewell-like note which I find it to be very sentimental.










Thanks ayie, for all those wonderful hilarious memories which I'm never ever gonna forget!! Hope you do well in your practicum and the rest. Work smart, teach like crazy, and never stop being funny!!

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