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Another Secret Sunday

So, 1st January, we had a great outing at Pavillion, on the next day, I had a sudden craving for Secret Recipe. Not just the cakes, but the food. Yup! The food! Hehehe!!! Well, the foods are nice there. Not your ordinary western style shop or restaurants, or even cake house. They serve more than just western foods which stereotypical people would think of only steaks and burger, but they do have other foods such as rices, noodles, and some weird combination of foods too. Hahahaha!!!

And the usual party : Myra, Zufar, & Farah.

As usual, the foods kind of takes a lil bit of time to be prepared, so we fill those gaps of NOT-eating with CAM-whoring.

It kind of funny thinking that both of them might just look alike.
Well, not obviously, but on the little things.
The hair, the perkyness..
and the bla bla blaaaaa.....
okay... I'm out of idea here. (=_=')

So, after a while, our foods finally arrived...!

Chicken Cordon Bleu

Okay, I don't know if anyone wants to prove to me that it is wrong but Secret Recipe's Chicken Cordon Bleu is THE most delicious chicken cordon bleu that I have ever tasted. Not even in the HR Steakhouse that they have it this good. The perfect crispiness of the chicken and the softness of the loaf inside bathe in savory cheese sauce is just heavenly.

Carribean something something 
(sorry..I forgot)

When this dish first arrived, I kind of think that all those green gravy is mint sauce. Well, that proved to me wrong because that green color is not because of the mint, it's because of all the herbs mashed up inside. And believe me that the sauce tasted delicious. And the dori fish tender meat complements the sauce well with just a dash of lime drizzle on top of it.

Dori Fillet with Lobster Sauce

Well, I've ordered this before and I wanted to eat it again but this time, this is my only dish. Since before, I tasted it with a different dish in my stomach. It appears to me that this dish is actually quite bland for my taste bud. The sauce is delicious, granted, but it is definitely not for my taste. But it is still delicious. The fillet is very smooth and tender, melting easily once it made physical contact with the tongue.

Assam Chicken Curry with Rice

Okay! This dish definitely changed my whole perception on going for a non-rice diet. Being a dish to be paired with rice, this is an extraordinarily good-tasting dish. I can not believe myself when I tasted this dish. The perfect mixture of flavours in this curry is very oriental and amazing. I can't put it in words how delicious they were but it is really amazing.

Australian Cheese Fries

Well, I kind of ordered this dish on pure instinct that I wanted to know how would it tastes like because in the menu, there was no illustration of it provided. Well, it appears to be fries, bathe in melted cheese (I think it's cheddar). And that's all to it. Not much of a fancy because you have to eat it while it still is hot (the cheese are melting). Because when it starts to go to room temperature, it doesn't taste good at all.

Farah's Oreo Chocolate Millkshake & Zufar's Ice-Blended Green Tea

My Hot Chocolate & Myra's Ice Blended Chocolate

And let's EAT!!!

The atmosphere around it make us feel like we're not even in a Secret Recipe's shop. Because we were loud and laughing like the place is ours (frankly, we did that for quite a lot of time.... if I'm not mistaken). And what makes it even more funnier was because this time around, it was not me who ate more, but Zufar. The Carribean dish and the Assam Chicken Curry was his. Two dish all at once. And evenmore, he asked for more rice. It wasn't like a fine high-dining at all. Hahahaha.... and tell you what, the waiter that served us was super hot!!! Major hottie!!!! But he look kind of a little bit arrogant. Ah, but he is still super handsome!

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