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1st January 2011

Okay, I'm skipping out the countdown of 2011 post because all the pictures are taken using Myra's phone at the time and since she has already posted on what happened that night, I guess there's no reason for me to post it. If you guys would like to know what happened during the countdown night, then please click here. It will direct you to Myra's blog post on the countdown night!

This blog post is what happened on the next day, which is the 1st January of 2011. In the name of the new year and the starting of something new, and a new phone, I decided to go out to Pavillion with my little monyetz and my bestest bitch. Myra brought me over to this Chocolate Shop, which has like the weirdest name for their drinks, but tastes awesome! 

For example, they have these frappucinos called Fair Lady Frappe and Snow White Frappe which tasted awesome. Fair Lady Frappe is a chocolate-flavored ice-blended smoothie with extra dark chocolate kick in it. Snow White Frappe is a vanilla-flavored ice-blended smoothie which tasted awesome. Farah ordered this Lady In Red, a cappucino-like drink that has chili flakes on top of its foam. Well, you would know what chilli flakes tastes like, don't you? Spicy and hot of course. But Farrah, stirred it all inside the drink and made the drink super pepper-like. But it really tasted awesome!!! Seriously!

After dinner at Chocolate, we went down by the fountain to snap some pictures. And remember that the last time I went there, I wasn't able to get any good pictures because the lights are already being switched off after midnight? So, this time, I was able to take some pictures with the decors. Though, the camera's quality isn't that good during night time.

After a while, Zufar said he wanted some shisha and I was wondering if we would just go at the central alley in Pavillion, where there are some expensive restaurants and hang out joints for people with greens, of course.  But then I thought I haven't been to Andalus for quite some time now and I wanted to go there.

But darn, there was a huge crowd over there. There was a lot of people there, we where having such a hard time to get a place to sit down. But we finally found a place. Surprisingly, we met a friend there. Who? Not gonna tell you! But we chatted for a while until my lil monyetz are getting tired and sleepy. So we decided to get a move on.


  1. wah bestnya sambut new year.. I duk umah je malas nk kuar....

  2. oh god. Seronok kot countdown kt BB. Next year on 2012 countdown, jom la!!!


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