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Friday Blues

Hhmmm.... Friday blues... why? I shall tell you. Well, it started well with Madam Nuraini's class Friday last weekend. Everything she taught went straight ahead into my mind. I love her class so damn much because not only she teaches but she always has inserts during each interval. What are those inserts? Well, you'll have to be in her class to find out.

So, right after class, most of my classmates are already talking about going back and what-not and I was too. I was thinking off going back to KL straightaway from class. Then I heard Nanie said she was going to Sg Wang straightaway from class too. Seeing it as an opportunity, I seized it and asked her if it's okay that I tagged along. Since she's heading to Sg Wang, I can just take an LRT once I reached there. She said it's okay and agreed to let me hitch a ride.

 But before we get a move on, she wanted to do a round of car-wash because of all the oily tar that got stuck by her car bumpers and sides.

The party was : Intan, Nanie, Ezyan and I.

 Introducing Intan a.k.a. Nur Nadirah (which will be my main model for the day)


After the car wash, it's straightaway to KL it is. Since I haven't slept the night before, I warned them earlier that I might fell asleep during the journey and pardon my snoring. And I did. I fell asleep halfway during the journey and woke up when we almost passed Batu Caves.

Anyway, enough of my preaching. So, we got there safe and parked at the BB Plaza. Since I don't want to be rude, I decided to tag along with them for a while. Basically, Nanie was looking for a shoe to wear with her Genie getup that's she's going to wear during the TESL Night on the next day. While I was trailing around with them, I was texting Myra about when will she be off from work and lucky for me that she got off early. I asked her to come and pick me up in Sg Wang and she agreed. So, in the meantime, I would just have to follow these girls around.

 finding Sharon's Harem Pants

 looking for hair accessory to match the outfit

 walk around some more....tiring.

 looking for shoes.........still can't find any..

...and since all of us haven't taken our breakfast or lunch or even brunch, we were starving. So we took a break and went down to the lower floor. Actually they opted for Pizza Hut but since there's no Pizza Hut outlet in Sg Wang, they had to settle with KFC, disappointingly.

For me, I didn't bought any food at the KFC because by that time, Myra had already arrived in Times Square. I asked her to meet me up at Low Yat Plaza since she said that the Maxis Center which I'm looking for is there. So I meet up with her there.

What am I doing there you ask? To get my BlackBerry phone configured. I ended up adding a BlackBerry Internet Service to my sim package which will costs me a blood RM120 every month, along with my postpaid bill. Oh hell, mom is sure gonna be angry. Myra also gets the BlackBerry package that she wanted and bought a BlackBerry phone. The maxis staff said to come back in two hours while they configured her phone. And since I am freaking starving, I asked her to go and have lunch with me. We went inside Times Square and saw the new decorations. I've totally forgotten that it is almost Chinese New Year. Thus, the decorations.

We were quite clueless on where to eat or what to eat. All I know is I am friggin hungry and I want to eat something. We went to the floor where the cinema is located and there are quite a few restaurants of choice. Suddenly we saw this...

Gasoline.... hmm.. never eaten there before.
So we decided to try it out.

The interior decor of the shop was totally unique. It's somewhat spooky but totally unique. The part where we're seating is somewhat like the Flinstones era. Stone Age to be exact. It was really cool.

The foods took quite a while to arrive because there are a lot of customers there while we were at it too.

 By the wall, are written lots of name, all those who ate there and wrote their name on it. We decided to do it too.

Oh, okay. The drinks.. Mine is the Chocolate Mint Ice Blended and Myra's was Chocolate something something.... hahaha...forgotten.

Tom Yam Fried Rice
this one tasted quite not bad. You can really taste the Tom Yam although its not the actual form of Tom Yam.

Black Pepper Butter Chicken Chop
This one is delicious. But I don't really think the mixture of butter and black pepper mixes well. I think the next time I'm there, I'm going to try their Butter Chicken Chop instead.

French Fries

Onion Rings

and off to eat we did. For all of you guys who have been reading a lot of my entries, you might have already guessed that I am so in love with Onion Rings but too bad that their Onion Rings is not up to my standards. The battered flour covering the onion is too thick for me and whisk away the sweetness of the onion.

After the lunch + tea time at Gasoline, we went back to the Maxis Center and get Myra's BlackBerry. All these time, I thought the Maxis Staff did the configuration for my BlackBerry Internet Service at the same time, but they didn't. And I had to do it myself. Damn it. I am not so good at configuring settings for phone, and now they asked me to do it myself. Aiyooooh.....

So, that's my Friday blues.... pathetic, ain't it?!

Crazy about iPad

A few weeks back, I wanted to go out and buy a shoe because my shoe has already worn out. I've worn that shoe since the start of my Degree and now it's finally coming to an end. It has already worn out and there's holes at the base of the shoe because of exhaustion. So, I asked Myra to accompany me. She told me to go to Times Square. I kind of had Sungei Wang in my head because I saw a cool looking shoe there when I was out during the Year End Countdown. So, it was an okay decision. But somehow, Myra had an alternate motive to go to Times Square. She was actually wanting to go to the Apple shop to look at iPads, which she have been wanting to have it sooooooo freaking bad. Everytime we go out and she saw a person using one, she would go nuts, and chants "ami, ak nak iPad...nak iPad" again and again. So, the reason she brought me over to Times Square was to go to the Apple shop and play with the sample iPads provided. 

And because of her, I got hooked up too! I want an iPad sooooo bad too!!! But it's pretty damn expensive!!! Myra is planning to buy the first package of 16GB which cost about RM1,999. Naaaay... If I wanted an iPad, I really have to wait for the next installment of my PTPTN loan then. But noooo... I'm not gonna waste it on this. I have another use for that money.



Home Town Yong Tow Foo.....hehe

It has been a very freaking long time since I last hang out with Wanie since she was always not around during weekends because her family loves to go back to their hometown. Unfortunately, she had to follow too. But lately, she's been asking her parents permission to stay over at her cousin's house in Keramat during weekends. That way, she can have more freedom to go out. Then come one fine afternoon, where she asked a favor from me to pick her up from Keramat to send her back to Taman Kencana, our neighborhood. Seeing as that we rarely ever spent time together lately, I agreed to her favor.

So I brought Farrah with me so that she can go hang out with us like she used to hang out with Myra. Who knows, they might kick it off too! I picked Wanie up and brought her to this Home Town Yong Tow Foo shop located around the skirts of Ampang Point because I've been dying to try and eat there. Why? Because I've been wondering is that the famous Ampang Yong Tow Foo shop that everyone was talking about.So, I just had to try.

 Wanie said that I looked like an apek with that short haircut. Do I?!

There aren't that many choices of food there and we really didn't know what to choose. So I ended up selecting two plain rice, some ladyfingers, Kailan Goreng dish, Sour and Spicy Chicken dish, and some Foo Chok.

Okay, my comments? The kailan was not bad, the chicken was oooookay..(not too delicious), but the highlights of it was the Foo Chok thingy. It was crispy and totally delish, especially dipped in their unexplainable delish sauce. Their sauce is seriously delish. I don't know how to explain but it was delicious. Although the dishes may seem rather cheap and simple, the taste was excellent...

 ....and even the price was excellent too.....

After we're done eating, we chatted for a while until it looked like it's going to start raining.

at the parking spot, there was this cool Skyline car that parked nearby our car and Farrah wanted to pose for a picture. I was all set to take the picture when she suddenly started...

...running because she said that there's someone looking at her during the time the photo was about to be taken, so that's why she ran. But somehow, I loved this picture so much. It's funny and unpredictable.

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