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Goodbye, everything is over.

Finally, the time has come for me to leave this blog forever. Consistently, I tried to keep this blog alive for three whole years of my degree year and it has all come to an end last 11th November when I left Unisel for the final time, marking the end of it. No more classes, no more lectures, no more hangouts, no more loitering, no more stupid activities in unisel, no more Ijok, no more KS, no more Taman Ilmu, no more assignments, no more presentations, and a fucking lots more of NO MORE!

Guess this is what you'll feel when it is all over, non?

As much as I want to write more about parting, I am really not that good in goodbyes. I'll end up rambling on and on. And so I'll wrap it up quick saying that these three years had been MEMORABLY INSANELY FUN. I would like to say thanks to all of my friends who had been there with me and for me, through this journey. Your presence means a lot to me. If it weren't for some of you, I wouldn't have grown as a person. I learnt a lot, heard and seen a lot, understood things which I have never did before and most of all, realized what living my life really meant.

So, this LIFE is ending. And so as this blog. I would like to thanks in advance for all of my readers and everyone who had been my followers. I really appreciated it that what I wrote was not just nothing but a senseless hobby. Instead, I had readers who actually reads it. Thanks, and many many thanks!!!


Yours bitchy-ness truly,
Miea Melodies @ Najmi 

Final Semester : Week 6 & 7

Hmmmm.... how should I do this again?! Oh, I've missed blogging for two weeks already and I'm already getting rusted. Commitment issues, right now. Seriously, I find myself committing into writing, even once in a week was really taking a toll on me. There was just so much for me to do at the hostel rather than just doing nothing at all or ending up spending lots of my time on the net. Facebook, Twitter, and the sorts. But actually, for the past two weeks before classes finally finished, on the 7th week, Zack, Faiz, and I had started job-hunting.

DiGi Presents the HTC Sensation

If you're a gadget freak, a tech-wiz or even a someone who loves phone so much, you would really adore what the latest HTC phones can provide. HTC Sensation, with the luscious HTC Sense intelligence system installed would take your breath away in an instant. This awesome beauty is not just catchy to the eye, firm to the grasp, and one to drool for, but what really can give you extreme pleasure are all the fun things you can do with it.

Final Semester : Week 5

Last week past around really quickly. Yes, totally. I remembered that the only two days that it went by slowly was on Tuesday and Wednesday where classes was on.

Final Semester : Week 4

Aahhh.............. okay, last week??? 
What fucking happened last week?!!!
Dear Mr. Sadass, 
can you tell me what happened arr last week?!!!

Motif berjalan lagi nampak dari buat assignment

Who would've guessed that I'd be visiting Semukhsin back. Well, not for leisure, but for business. Man, that's cheesy. It's not like I'm on an official business, I'm just doing my Educational Admin assignment. A big project on a reflective essay about a leadership. Our purpose was to interview all of the great leaders of education, narrowing it down, our lecturer asked us to interview school's principal instead.

Time to turn up the HTC Sensation back to its owner

Recent stupid incident which happened during an event gave me an opportunity to do a review on the HTC Sensation phone and I am telling you that I would have not asked for anything better because having to use that phone for two weeks was seriously heaven! I wish I could have held it for a longer period.

HTC Sensation : Sensationally Hooked~

All these reviews are very technical. Now, let me tell you my overall thought on it!

HTC Sensation : Keeping in touch with style

What is a beauty if you can't connect with others using it? Right? So, as the world know, Android and the HTC Sensation are capable of handling all sorts of text messaging – SMS, MMS, email. Social networking such as Facebook and Twitter is covered by several apps and widgets.

HTC Sensation : Personalization and More

What is a beauty without the thing that beautifies her?

HTC Sensation : It wouldn't be a Smartphone without a Smart Camera

Give your best smile, the Sensation is looking at you.

HTC Sensation : Social Networking and Entertainment

With a brain that surpasses other smartphone and with the heart that bring out the beauty of qHD display to it limit, by now you should understand that this beautiful sensation is not a beauty you can’t cheat upon.

HTC Sensation : The charm behind this beautiful Smartphone

What do you think is the charm behind this beautiful Smartphone which makes it so chic and incredibly irresistible?

HTC Sensation : Cosmetics and Eye-Catching Factor

The first moment you hold this phone in your hand, immediately your heart will feel like as if you just meet your soul. Although it may seemed that visually it is large, it doesn't feel too big holding it in your hand. The metal cut-outs from the speaker give this beauty a sophisticated look but it doesn’t say that she is unapproachable. The back cover wrap around the edges meet the display edges, so you still get that seamless look and feel. It’s an elegant looking phone, and at 148g there is some heft to it. It measures 126.1 x 65.4 x 11.3mm and with this body you get a 4.3-inch display.

HTC Sensation : All the juicy specs

Previously rumored as HTC Pyramid, the phone that was announced on April, 2011 had been officially hatched onto the world on May 2011. This beauty hides a monster inside of her, known as the power-up 1.2 GHz dual-core processor with the new Adreno 220 graphics that runs all the apps like no other smartphone hence the nickname –The SuperSmartphone. Indulge your sense through the monster that resides in this beauty. 

What Miea thinks : Fright Night

Final Semester : Week 3

Last week was seriously a different one. I had a drastic change into my life. One that changes my perception, and reaction to my surrounding. I'll get to that point later. At first, last week's Monday, I received the two tickets to the Fright Night premiere screening at e@Curve . At first, I was really out of clue and helpless because I didn't who should I ask help for to go to. I had no transport to go there (please don't count my motorcycle as good transportation method, I'd kill you). But, after some stressful hour of thinking I finally managed to convince Mien to take me there. Though I'm not quite proud of myself because it does seemed like he's fidgeting when I asked him to. Alas, what's done is done.

But it was all not for naught as both him and I enjoyed the movie. Fright Night really was awesome though. It was not epic, but an entertaining one at the very least.

Friday Night Fright Night

Overnight outing. Wow, I haven't done that for a long time already since I was in unisel. I remembered the last time was early this year. Back when I was still going out with the others. Doesn't matter if it was just for movies or hanging out. But it really was a long time ago. The recent night out to catch the premiere screening of Fright Night last Monday (19th September) didn't count as an actual outing because for me it felt like more of an event-going, not an outing. But I would really like to say thanks to Mien for agreeing to become my plus one and take me over to e@Curve in Damansara although it was kind of a bit like a hassle considering the next morning we had classes and we actually had presentations to cover later that afternoon. But I guess it all went well then. Really, seriously, thanks. That was kind of you.

BeRaya? Tak KOT : Part 4

Damn it, this has got to be the fourth time in a row that I never ever thought I'd be going out "beraya" ...........again. Seriously, I wasn't even expecting this shit. I was like....lazing up on my hostel's bed playing game and the sort, and out of nowhere, Mien came in and asked me whether if I wanted to go out on Saturday with him to USJ for a wedding, and again to Bandar Baru Sungai Buaya (SB for short) for his mentor's open house.

Final Semester : Week 2

 It's the second week already. Time really flies! This reminds me that I still got about one week and a half to finish writing my term paper and I still haven't started on my Chapter 2,3,4 & 5. I'm doomed!!!!

Being a Treasurer

Life of a student never really is that much dull. I would say, especially you play an important part of it of course. Like myself, I chose to take up back my post in the class as their treasurer, collecting class fund to photocopy notes and stuff. But it never really was easy. I knew that from experience. Being a treasurer is both fun and also stressful. Collecting money, fun. Not able to collect money, major stress. The problem with it is that sometimes most students are financially not stable and some of them are just simply low on cash. During these periods of time where they lack the greens, I am never able to collect money from them. And there's also the problem of those who pay late, or have difficulty paying. Like my recent task to photocopy the books for the Educational Admin subject, I was actually kind of having some trouble to get them to pay the money fast because they're not in the campus. Some of them are still enjoying their extended weekend (classes are only on Wednesday and Thursday, so they got Monday and Tuesday off), but the problem was that I needed the money first in order to collect the books from shop. Well, at least I'm happy that in the end it all worked out well and I got the money needed for the books.

Happy Mid Autumn Festival

I'm no Chinese, but I love to see other races and religions celebrate their festivals and the sorts. Particularly Chinese people and Japanese. And with the recent festival drawing upon us, CZL told me that the latest festival that the Chinese celebrates is the lantern festival a.k.a. the Happy Mid Autumn Festival.

BeRaya? Tak KOT : Part 3

When I told you that I had never expected to go out "beraya" so much this year, I wasn't lying. This time around, our trips consists of going to Kajang for Faiz's students instead. However this outing was actually more than just that and actually a coined actions for two tasks. 

1) Send books to be photocopy
2) Go "beraya" to Faiz's students' houses

BeRaya? Tak KOT : Part 2

Now, here's something I thought to be quite funny. I never really expected to actually going "beraya" a lot this year's Eid but turns out to be that this year I actually went to a lot more houses than I expected. Just this weekend, I spent both days going to my friends' students' houses to celebrate Eid ul-Fitr.

Final Semester : Week 1

Final semester is finally here! I know, it's weird because I've already finished my practicum..right? But somehow unisel's management got some wacky problem and because of it, our subject arrangement got a bit twisted here and there and because of that, we still had two subjects left to cover before we can actually finish our study and graduate next year.

Eid Family Outing | Part 3

The next morning, it was finally time to actually taste the quality of the foods and an actual service provided by the hotel staff. Whether they are friendly, nice, warm, or just plain lazy, rude, or slow.

Eid Family Outing | Part 2

After that fun and tiring time at the Bukit Gambang Water Park, we finally headed for the Resort. Thankfully, our uncle had already prepared everything, so all we needed to do was just go to the rooms. He told us to locate the S2 Block, and go to the third floor, and find the room numbered 12.

3rd Floor? Oh my god. And we were already tired from all those swimming...

What Miea thinks : Bukit Gambang Resort City

On the 4th day of Raya this year, my family went to an outing to Gambang to its Bukit Gambang Resort City which is located somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Jokes aside, it is that kind of place. Yes, follow the signboards to get there but you'll understand my phrase of somewhere in the middle of nowhere once you get there.

Eid Family Outing | Part 1

In all of my years lie awake (grown up), or in other way of thinking is that since I can remember, my mother's family have little or less family gatherings. Although these past few years, they've been trying but nothing came out perfectly like they wanted. Just like this recent gathering/outing my uncle organized. Okay, I wouldn't say it as if it is a total failure but it's not what we kind of expected.

BeRaya? Tak KOT.

If you've read on my previous post on Kisah Raya Kedua 2011, then you'd remember that I mentioned somewhere in the last paragraph that Asyhraf had called me to accompany him to go and 'beraya' to Yana's house in Putrajaya, right? Now, this post existed solely thanks to him because if it weren't for him, I wouldn't be able to go and visit some of my friends' house during the Eid holiday.

Kisah Raya Kedua 2011

What do normal Malays do when the second day of Eid arrives? Going around visiting relatives near and far, to bond, and to cherish life together, and but of course, catching up on gossips. But me? This year, I went back to Unisel to unpack my stuff at the hostel and arrange my room. Sucks, right?

Eid ul-Fitr 2011

Kind of a sucky thing to be updating a post on Eid when it had already past for five days already...right? But still, here I am, would like to wish you all a Happy Eid ul-Fitr 2011, y'all....

Enjoy these photos~

Miea thinks he can cook : Kuih Sarang Semut

I've organized an "open class" event in Unisel later on next week to celebrate Eid ul-Fitr with my classmates for it's going to be our last one and it is best if we could get together. So, I've told them that they must each bring cookies or dishes there and not come empty-handed. For my part, I decided to make a Sarang Semut cookie, suggestion from my auntie.

Firecracker's Light

 How much of childhood reprimanded feelings can you outlive even as you grew old? All those laughter and all those innocence?

Iftar with DiGi at The Bee @ Jaya One

Much thanks is due to Jia Ying who gave me her invites to this awesome Iftar event organize by Nuffnang and   sponsored by DiGi at The Bee @ Jaya One.

What Miea thinks : The Smurfs

click picture for source

We're not BLUE, the Smurfs are~

Thanks to Nuffnang for the tickets to the Premier Screening of The Smurfs at TGV, KLCC. Thanks a lot. Been waiting for quite some time for this movie to come out and hear out how Katy Perry would sound like playing Smurfette.

Final Night of Practicum : Goodbye Semenyih and Kajang

Right after school, I started packing my stuffs up to get ready to leave Semenyih and Kajang for quite some time since I've finally done with my practicum and there's nothing else that's going to keep me from leaving there. So, in order to celebrate the final night. We decided to get together for one final night before we leave the place and pursue our status as students once more.

Practicum : August 19th, Final Day, GOODBYE SEMUKHSIN

Damn, final day, and my eyes did not got better, but much worse. The swollen had infected more part of my eyes and more parts are getting swollen and damn it kept on tearing. But alas, since I did not get enough sleep the night before because of the outing (refer to previous post), the eyes weren't resting well and got really red.

Thank God It's Friday - 19th August (Finally!)

Can't believe it is 19th of August already!!!! Yeay!!!! TGIF, TGIF, TGIF, TGIF....!!!!!! Let's listen to Katy Perry's Last Friday Night in commemoration of celebrating today's Friday, 19th of August!!!!

Do you guys know why am I being so chipper about it?

Practicum : Day 72, August 18th

 Damn, of all the things to hit during this time and moment, my eyes had got to get swollen. And right on the final day of my teaching, too. Technically, my last teaching day would be on the 19th of August but Thursday marks the day where I last enter my classes since on Friday the 19th, I have no classes. So, it is damn unfortunate of me that my eyes is darn swollen up like this.

Final Iftar in Semenyih

On the 16th of August, that's the final night where I'm able to break my fast in Semenyih with the girls and also with Faiz. Particularly because for on ht 17th, that's a school holiday. Nonsensical way of asking me to go there all the way just to break my fast. Besides, on the 18th, I'll be shooting right back to Ampang after school finishes to get the car from Ampang.....

Practicum : Day 71, August 16th

Alhamdullilah, I didn't get any nightmare last night when I went to sleep because personally, I was damn afraid to go to sleep at all last night because of the nightmare. And after knowing about the Ghost Month and that the critical time was around 11pm to 3am, I tried not to go to sleep during that time at all, fearing that I might be 'disturbed' and got nightmares again. And so, I only went to bed to sleep around 3.30am, when I thought it was already safe. Silly...right?

Iftar in Tesco, Semenyih

For iftar today, I actually had not planned anything at all. Which bazaar to go to, what to buy, or even what to  even eat for my break my fast today. Luckily I remembered about the frame which I planned to buy and decorate to give to the school as a contribution to the school. Nothing much, really. We just do the only thing we can with our own resources. Money and the efforts of taking the teachers' photographs. What did I actually planned to do? You'll just have to wait for it to finish then.....

Practicum : Day 70, August 15th

You don't fucking know how frightened I was this early morning around 3am over when I was woken up by a fucking seriously scary nightmare. It was almost supernaturally real. I don't want to tell you guys what happened in the dream because it was really creepy to even remember it and even mention it. But what happens when I woke up from the dream was even creepier.

Practicum : Day 69, August 12th

Friday..........hmmmm... since this is a delayed update,  I might forgotten a few details about what happened on Friday. Hence, this might be a short post.........I said maybe. I can't remember well what did I do in Friday morning other than that I woke up at around 10am to 11am and then do everything in procrastination. However, I could remember that on Friday, I was damn fucking excited to go back to Ampang already.  Oh wait, now I remember!!!

What Miea thinks : Cowboys and Aliens

Fever? Arrghhh... what the heck

Despite the weak and energy drainage from having fever, I braced myself to the Jusco Cheras Selatan around 7pm from Semenyih. What the heck am I doing there you ask? Because I want to watch the movie Cowboys VS Aliens , or was it Cowboys and Aliens....?
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