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Shah Alam Wet World

Last Tuesday, it was a holiday and there was no classes held. And since we've planned to go to the Wet World in Shah Alam because we had to cancel on it the previous day since it was already late. And so we embark with the same six person-party like the time we went to Shah Alam before. Without Adi, that is.

As soon as we arrived at the Wet World, we were shocked to see how crowded it was and there was a long line of people queuing up to buy tickets. Darn it, I should have known that school holiday already started and since it was a public holiday, places like these would be damn crowded. But we didn't lose hope. We decided to have our lunch first at the Taman Tasik.

The weather at first wasn't so nice as it was showing signs of raining but it turn out to be a not-quite-sunny-but-okay day. And with such nice weather around, what else could be more perfect than a picnic by the lake?! Tadaaaaa~

Well, not exactly an ideal picnic or whatever, but it was still fun and the food wasn't all that bad. The girls made Fried Vercimilli which I ended up finishing it and some egg and sardine sandwich. Well, I was more into the fried vercimilli though.. hahahahaha!!!

 Well, I'm not the only one who enjoyed the meal, they did too. It was fun. If only we could bring more food and more friends to tag along but it seems like kinda hard to ask anyone out these days. Things are just not like what it seems anymore. eyyyhh... enough about that. This is a happy post!

After our lunch, we drove back to the Wet World and it was much less crowded than before. While Fifie, Salma, and I was lining up for tickets, Faiz, Amy, and Tinie went to find parking spot which is quite far........ really really far....

We got our tickets,

....and we're IN!

Although it wasn't that really crowded on the outside, in the park itself, there were so many people. I bet there were like more than 200 people that day. Seriously, I'm not lying. Wet World really scored more money that day with overwhelming numbers of visitors!!

Well, once we find a great shading spot for both Salma and Amy to guard our belongings (they didn't swim... Amy was sick while Salma... I don't know why..). It's too bad that both of them didn't join us cause it was so much fun playing in the water. Well, at least Salma helped to take some pictures while we're busy playing in the water. Enjoy~

 More craziness from the house of senget~

We actually stayed there for quite a while. We got there at 1pm or so and stayed over until it was 5pm. So... it'd be a lie if we didn't get burned quite a bit.. well I burnt a lot and the high level of chlorine inside the pool sort of made my skin all dry and all peeled up. But it was worth it though.

And so we said Goodbye to the Wet World after we pack up our things~ 

....but that wasn't the end of our day. Tinie suddenly had a craving for Nasi Kandar ast Plaza Shah Alam and we were all kind of hungry too so we decided to hit it. 

But as soon as we parked outside and ready to go, we saw something else that kind of attract our minds.

Yup, the Ayam Penyet restaurant which is quite famous with it's delicious kampung style dishes. And since most of us have never eaten at Ayam Penyet before,  we'd decided to give it a shot.

They have quite a range of dishes to be chosen and all of them are delish. I have not needs to taste it to tell that it's freaking delish because most of these dishes are kampung style dishes and being a kampung boy once, these kinds of dishes aren't that foreign to my taste.

Well, since I'm using Fifie's phone, the camera quality isn't all that great even with a flash mode on. Though it may have great shutter speed, it seriously lacks in macro mode snapping which enhances more on specific sharpness to things that are in a close distance.

I'm not gonna do a review for this restaurants with these kinds of pictures because I felt like it's not satisfying enough. So I'll do it next time. But for the sakes of people who would like or might not want to know, the sambal belacan was the most and spiciest sambal belacan I've ever tasted in any restaurant and I'm soooooooooooo loving it!!!

After that meal, we decided to hit Adi's house for a while to check up on his condition because of the incidents which happened cause by having too much fun at Megha's house. Thank goodness he was recovering but he said something like he can't eat because when he eats, it'll simply comes back out right away. Oh pity Adi. I really hoped that he will soon outgrew those sickness of him and be able to have fun like we do. I'm praying for all the best of health for you Adi. Well that's it for now.

And I hope that you'll understands if my blog won't be active for a while because assignments are starting to stacking up and we've got lots of big project going on such as our term papers, theater project and notes to understand. So, I'll wish you guys lots of luck and make the best out of your life...


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