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The Season of the Witch is Here

Season of the witch

Witches, what crosses to the minds when it comes to witches?

Ugly old hag in black robe with a crooked hat riding through the nights on a broomsticks. Though in Malaysia, we don't have that much of a good history when it comes to stories about witches. But in the Europe and in America there are so many myths and legends about witches and their bad doings. Be it playing spells on people, cursing, hexing, jinxing, wreaking havoc everywhere, summoning creatures from the dark, creating potions by mixing a lot of disgusting things into their big cauldron of gooey mess, and so forth.

But not everything disgusting is being related to witches. There are for some instances legends or tales about witches that took on the form of beautiful enchanting woman that lures children and men. They're acting like sort of an enchantress, clouding the minds of their victims and cut their heart out fresh straight from the body while their victim is still alive. And the witches will eat the hearts to sustain their magical power and youth.

So, what is it that scares the gut out of people when it comes to witches? For me, it's not how scary or hideous they looked like, it's their witchcraft that scares me the most. Their toxic indicating potions of who-knows-what that can hex us, like turning us into frogs or rats, their charm spells that bewitches us into following their every commands, their eerie dispositions about enslaving humans and eating their hearts out, and their spells of doom and deaths that we don't even know of what it is capable of. 

One might be cautious enough not to meet them because I could guarantee that it ain't gonna be sweet and cuddly. Scary as they might looked like, it's their witchcraft that we all need to be afraid of.  That's what scares me the most about these night sirens. Who knows, one of us might get unlucky enough to meet them in an unconditioned situations. Just be weary enough when you hear a creepy laugh echoing by the night sky.

Thank you, Nuffnang for giving me this opportunity!

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