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Meghavaani's 21st Birthday Celebration

Okay, I know these last couple of posts have been quite depressing and a wee bit boring when it comes to questions of wonder but the main reason for it because I wasn't able to update on my hanging out plans because I don't have the pictures with me. It's a long story but I'll you all about it.

SO last Saturday, my classmates and I were invited to go to Megha's 21st birthday party in Bukit Chedang, Seremban. Well, the turnout wasn't that impressive because most of them thought that going to Seremban is going to costs quite a lot so there are only a few of us that made the effort to still come.

Our trip begins first by going to Adi's house in Shah Alam. From Unisel, we took two cars; Faiz, Fifi and I (Fifie's car) & Amy, Tinie and Salma (Amy's car). We stopped by McD Puncak alam for brunch first before heading out to Adi's. We took quite a lot of photos there but it's sad that I don't have the photos anymore.

As soon as we reached Adi's we stopped by the Mosque nearby Adi's house and that is where it all went down-slide. After we changed our clothes there, I had forgotten that I place my phone on the car's roof (as usual) and we went to Adi's. As soon as I realized that I'd forgotten about the phone, I panicked. I called my number and someone else picked it up. The person refuses to say anything but it's clear to me by that time, it was all a little too late. So, being that reason, I had to use Fifie's phone for the rest of the picture taking.

I was so disappointed at myself for being such a careless and forgetful person. Aiyyaaaahh.... but that didn't stop us from feeling happy to go to Megha's birthday. And as usual, my optimism takes over my feelings and we continued our journey.

The journey took us about two hours before we reached to Megha's house. Instead of using the highway, Faiz used another road that passes his new neighborhood which he will move in by the end of this year. Another reason was because we were scared of how Adi's driving at the highway. And we did kind of promised his mom to make sure nothing happened while he's in our custody. Oh yeah, we split the pasty once more because now there's eight of us. Faiz, Fifie, Amy and I (Fifie's car) & Tinie, Salma, Adi and Jason (Adi's father's car).

Well, for what it's worth, after some crazy turns Adi made when were in Seremban, we finally made it to Megha's house. And since the party starts quite a bit later, we decided to hit to the nearest mall, Jusco to buy her some present (since I insisted to get her something). We bought the presents and head over to Megha's house back.

The party turn out to be quite grand and happening. There was loud music banging, awesome songs, and even more, GREAT FOOD!!! Seriously, the food was great! Sangeetha, Kasthuri, Pravenna, and her BF also managed to came in time just before the cake-cutting ceremony.

Right after most of the guest were done eating, it was party time!!! Boy, Megha and her sisters were so good at dancing! They practically OWNed the dance floor!!! Well, some of us also joined dancing and it was fun. We learnt that Indian dances are quite hard to follow though. It's fast and lots of body movement. Well, I was getting rusty. I haven't done any major dancing for a while. But we still had fun. Well, one of us had TOO MUCH FUN!!!!

But it was all worth it. Megha's family was kind enough to let us sleep over at her house, and they were very generous. The trip was really worth it. Thank you Megha, for this awesome party.

May God bless you with lots of happiness and love, and don't forget to LAUGH!!!



  2. wow bez nye ade membe indian then da masuk 21...
    ley arr mam kek...
    cedap nye...

  3. mcm x ikhlas je ape yg ko ckp tu....


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