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Just My Luck

Sometimes, I guess some people are born unlucky. Not that I'm complaining but sometimes it'd be nice to be on the good side of life. I found myself getting caught up in too much of a bad luck. Some people are just born lucky, and I'm just not one of them. I tumble, I stumbled, and I fell down. Quite a lot.

Okay, sometimes I do get lucky but not for things that matter. It is usually things that I don’t take into account for. Things like slipping out from a problem, having great responses for being perky and some other things. But I’m never lucky when it comes to things that I really desired. For example, getting invited to the movie that I’m dying to go, winning a contest, lucky draws, or just a simple game of luck. I’m never good on one of those things. It is just uber mortifying. I can’t even be happy about what I had.

Speaking of bad luck, I do have one constant non-changing bad luck when it comes to owning a cell phone. I have never been in such good luck owning one. It will always get stolen, lost, or simply broken. I’m never good these things that involves gadgets or whizz. Do you guys want to know how many times I’ve changed phone for these last four years? Almost ten times. Yup, I’m that bad. It’ll either get lost somewhere, broken or simple carelessness habits of mine for leaving them somewhere I have a lot in my mind. I’m not trying to find an excuse or even create one out of thin air; I’m just not that good at it. Every year, for these last four years, I would change phones up to two or three times. Like I’ve told you; stolen, lost, or utter klutz of my habits for leaving the phone on top of the car’s roof.  Just last weekend, I placed my phone on top of the car’s roof when I was changing clothes and then I’ve forgotten all about it when we were about to move. And by the time we reached Adi’s house, I remembered that I placed the phone on the car’s roof and it was all a little too late. When I called my phone, someone else picked it up and by that time it was clear that my phone was picked up by a stranger and I’m never going to get it back. And that’s the second phone I got this year. By the time my PTPTN’s loan money is available, I’m going to buy another one.

Well, I do have moments of luck or things that I should consider lucky for having them. Such as; my loving family, my great bitches who never get tired of me, my guy friends who don’t judge me the way I am, having a great self-esteem (a wee bit narcissistic, I know), and some other things. But just that’s it. I wonder if that maybe, one day, I’m going to ever flip a coin, and for once, get heads. I don’t know. It’s just that…………

I am tired of being such a total screw-up.

the only music I that lift me up into moods right now is Emmy's song. Enjoy.

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