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Fun after Depression

The next day after Megha's birthday party, we actually planned to go to Port Dickson since it wasn't that quite far and would only take about 40 minutes or so but since Adi had fell sick because he had too much fun the previous night, we had to cancel it and go back straight to Shah Alam.

Although it was quite depressing, the fun actually starts after we arrived back to Shah Alam. We left Adi at his house for his parents to take care of him and went away for lunch. After careful considerations and majority's vote, we opt for Chicken Rice Shop.

We head to the Giant nearby the Stadium Melawati and head over to the Chicken Rice shop inside of it.

Although most of us were kind of dry on cash, including me, we managed to chose a meal that would save money. Faiz and Fifie went for the Twin Delight while Tinie, Amy and Salma opt for the standard Steamed Chicken Meal. I, myself chose the Grilled Butter Chicken meal which is the seasonal meal.

Tinie can't wait to eat...and so do we. We were starving!!!

Quite a

Of course, kena baca doa makan dulu!!!

As usual, Chicken Rice chop never fails to satisfy our tastes. And the Grilled Butter Chicken is so damn delicious!! Seriously! Instead of eating the chicken with the rice, I chose to just "ratah" the chicken just like that with the butter-y sauce which tasted so delish!!!

After that lunch + tea time, we went over to the Secret Recipe to buy some cakes. Amy bought a slice of Chocolate Strawberry, Tinie  bought a slice of Caramel Cheesecake and I bought my favorite Black Forest cake! We took those cakes away and head to the Taman Tasik Shah Alam.

Well, actually, we were thinking of going to the wet world but since it was already 4.30pm over, then it won't be fun to go for a dip for just an hour or so. So we decided to skip that and head to the Taman Tasik instead. 

It was fun hanging out there as there were so many people for us to observe and insult on. Oh you know, us girls.. that's what we do! Hahahaha! And as usual, there's bound to be lots of photos being taken. And thanks to Fifie for letting me use her phones to take pictures since I have no longer have a phone to take pictures. And guess what, her camera phone's shutter speed is sharp, enabling me to take quite great jump shots! Enjoy!!!

This is by far the most funniest jump shots being taken. It was damn funny!!

 And the couple shots..... sweet!

 Geee.... I wish I was in that photo! It's so fun! But too bad, I'm the photographer!!!

We were loitering there for quite some time until it started to trickling rain and we get a move on back to Unisel. That was quite a day and it was fun. We decided to go to the Wet World on Tuesday because it was a public holiday. That, I shall tell you on the next entry.


  1. wahhh bez nye...
    fun glerr korg...
    rambut ko tak terbang ke time ko melompat2...
    jgn mara


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