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I guess being in a true anti-social doesn't really works for me. I find myself bored to death staying at home sitting down in front of my laptop surfing the net for a while and then going for an Ugly Betty Season 4 marathon again and again. I mean, seriously, I have been at it for almost two weeks already. I stayed at home for lunch and dinner, refusing to go out with my friends because I'm doing the 14-day fitnesse challenge by Nestle (which seemed to have cut down on the weight a wee bit just because I only control what I eat and doing any physical exercises to lose more fat), refused to go hanging out with them because I wanted to be alone (which I spent more on sitting in front of laptop, watching movies I have already seen a couple of times), sleeping (because there's simply nothing else to be done. Hey, not like I have a choice okay. I live in a rural area, what do you expect?), and a couple more time-wasting activities. The point is, I have become a complete nerd for that time. It's boring. Dead serious boring. I never imagined it would be, so.................. solitary.

I found myself having more fun when I'm out with my friends, even if it's just for a casual dinner on weekdays at the village besides our neighborhood. I like talking really much, well, laughing most of time but being an anti-social, pursing my lips and zipping it into silence for a couple of days is really hard. It's like I'm living a Sims life where socialization is a need and my social bar had already depleted and I'm on bad mood period. Okay.... what the fuck did I just crap around for a while?

Hhhmmm.... well, I didn't totally say that me being an anti-social is all bad. There are the perks of being an anti-social. First of all, I don't have to go out that much during daylight, which means, I won't get exposed too much on sunlight and I can finally recover my brighter skin tone back (perhaps?). Second, I won't spend too much money on things that I don't really need because I tend to get a bit loose around financial management when it comes to seeing things and buying them on the spot. Third, I can control what I eat because when I go out for dinner or lunch or whatever meal of the day, outside of the house, I'd get tempted easily to eat a whole bunch of things. By staying indoors and only eat what I have in my food storage (Nestle Fitness cereals and some San Remo's spiralli pasta), I can control my insane passion for foods. Four, I won't get in a bad mood if nobody even invited me to go anywhere. Because I chose to not mix around with people and I'll be practically fine I were left out at home when they were out, having fun.

But then again, it does clashes with my personality and all because I do find myself a community person. One who enjoys being around other people. A social person that is.


p/s: I love The Sims games a fucking lot! I wish my life were as easy like The Sims, then I don't have to worry so much. BTW, the new installment of The Sims 3 are awesome. I remembered playing it on my laptop last year when my laptop can still run the game. Seriously, it's much more detailed and for once, we can explore the neighborhood and the town for many cool things!

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