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Weekend on Movies

Apparently, I have not been able to get up with my life as being a movie-goers lately with lots of things in my mind and so last weekend, I took off from Unisel and went back home to Ampang to catch up on some of the big movies that I might have missed. It started with The Chronicles of Narnia : The Voyage of the Dawn Trader.

The third installment of The Chronicles of Narnia seems to be just as successful and dreamy as the first two was. It is full of exciting adventures, daring decisions, magical feats and unexplainable fantasy which takes us as the audience into awe. This installment takes the Pevensies (Lucy and Edmund) and their England cousin (Eustace) into the world of Narnia once again but this time around, they have been brought up to the ship known as the Dawn Trader which has been sailed by Caspian and his men in order to look for the missing seven lords of Narnia. Adventure has never been much more the same because this time it takes up a whole new scene in the vast unchartered sea of the east, where no Narnians have ever did, and also the journey to the end of the world, to Aslan's country. 

This story is just as amazing as the other two but it's too bad that Peter and Susan wasn't summoned to Narnia too as for they were separated from Lucy and Edmund and stayed at America. Another source I found out that it is actually because both Peter and Susan was already grown up and no longer has the beliefs in Narnia any longer. And this is sad for most of the audiences too because the Voyage of the Dawn Trader is the last journey for the Pevensies in the world of Narnia. Because for the next installment of The Chronicles of Narnia : The Silver Chair , only Eustace was summoned to the world of Narnia along with his classmate, Jill Pole, where they are given four signs to aid in the search for Prince Rilian, Caspian's son, who disappeared after setting out ten years earlier to avenge his mother's death(I'm just assuming that there will be a next installment because there are six books of it altogether).

Tron Legacy is a 3D high-tech adventure set in a digital world that’s unlike anything ever captured on the big screen. Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund), the tech-savvy 27-year-old son of Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges), looks into his father’s disappearance and finds himself pulled into the same world of fierce programs and gladiatorial games where his father has been living for 25 years. Along with Kevin’s loyal confidant (Olivia Wilde), father and son embark on a life-and-death journey across a visually-stunning cyber universe that has become far more advanced and exceedingly dangerous.

Wow, this movie is like super impressive. For me that is. Though most critics told me that it gets boring halfway (which is quite true) that doesn't keep us away from appreciating all the other hard work the producers of this movie has come up with. Like the awesome graphics for instant. The amazing light outlines on each building, characters comes alive like it's blood electricity running throughout the body. And the one thing that these movie produces should be credited for is their BGM. The BGM for this movie is so freaking good. I can't imagine how to tell you how good it is. And for what it's worth, you have to watch it in 3D, way much effing better!

Throughout the years, Disney's movies have never disappoint me and it's not going to start soon because Rapunzel : A Tangled Tale also proved to be just as peachy and amazing as all Disney movies does. Tangled follows almost the same storyline as the actual Rapunzel story only that the story took a twist in its character, for instance Flynn a.k.a. Eugene, the supposedly a handsome prince turn out to be a wanted thief in the country. Rapunzel's hair is a magical, healing hair that glows when she sings, for once. The music and songs in line in this movie aren't all that bad I assure you that it's not going to be boring.

And this magical fairy tale doesn't just impressed me with it's twist, but also the non-ending humor and adventure throughout the movie. We have Maximus, the noble steed who is on a life's mission to capture Flynn and all these times in the movies, both Flynn and Maximus will be having ridiculous fights amongst each other. Then we have the wise-acting pet Chameleon of Rapunzel. And introducing, the crazy band of criminals and thugs "who has dreams" that not of them actually wanted to what they are. It's a lot more funnier than romantic as it should be, so it's a plus for me!

And the last movie that I could watch was :

If you've watched Zombie Kampung Pisang before, then you would have already recognized 75% of the cast for this movie because it takes place at the same location, and actors of Zombie Kampung Pisang, except that it's about this lady ghost named Kak Limah who's Hussain's (Awie) neighbor. This movie might be stupid and dumb, but it provides me with a lot of laughter. Just imagine, you've got non-stop comedy shoved through your face. And believe me, when I was watching this inside the cinema hall, everyone was laughing so hard like they're not in the cinema at all.

Seriously, I'm not gonna talk much about this movie other than I'm proud of it's production as a Malaysian. It's funny, it's interesting and most of all, it's a just for laugh gags movie! Be a proud Malaysian and watch this movie!!!

Well, that's it. I wanted to catch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1 but since the movie had came out a month ago, the screening time is not that much anymore. Well, perhaps I'll just have to buy the DVD.

The Season of the Witch is Here

Season of the witch

Witches, what crosses to the minds when it comes to witches?

Ugly old hag in black robe with a crooked hat riding through the nights on a broomsticks. Though in Malaysia, we don't have that much of a good history when it comes to stories about witches. But in the Europe and in America there are so many myths and legends about witches and their bad doings. Be it playing spells on people, cursing, hexing, jinxing, wreaking havoc everywhere, summoning creatures from the dark, creating potions by mixing a lot of disgusting things into their big cauldron of gooey mess, and so forth.

But not everything disgusting is being related to witches. There are for some instances legends or tales about witches that took on the form of beautiful enchanting woman that lures children and men. They're acting like sort of an enchantress, clouding the minds of their victims and cut their heart out fresh straight from the body while their victim is still alive. And the witches will eat the hearts to sustain their magical power and youth.

So, what is it that scares the gut out of people when it comes to witches? For me, it's not how scary or hideous they looked like, it's their witchcraft that scares me the most. Their toxic indicating potions of who-knows-what that can hex us, like turning us into frogs or rats, their charm spells that bewitches us into following their every commands, their eerie dispositions about enslaving humans and eating their hearts out, and their spells of doom and deaths that we don't even know of what it is capable of. 

One might be cautious enough not to meet them because I could guarantee that it ain't gonna be sweet and cuddly. Scary as they might looked like, it's their witchcraft that we all need to be afraid of.  That's what scares me the most about these night sirens. Who knows, one of us might get unlucky enough to meet them in an unconditioned situations. Just be weary enough when you hear a creepy laugh echoing by the night sky.

Thank you, Nuffnang for giving me this opportunity!

Madame Tussauds : Lady GaGa Eight Wax Figures

If you're a person who's been all up in your grill and pazz all about the latest news in the media world, you would have already know that Madam Tussauds : House of Wax have been putting great efforts into creating wax figures of celebrities all around the world. Be it Britney Spears, Eva Longoria, Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian, Beyonce and more...

Usually, they would only produce a wax figure for the celebrity of their choice but considering the recent take-over by GaGa throughout the global which even became one of the most influential people in the world, Madame Tussauds not only be proud to come up with not one, not two, but EIGHT wax figures of Lady GaGa! Can you believe it? Eight wax figures altogether. And these wax figures are being placed at eight different branches of Madame Tussauds : House of Wax which is located all around the world.

in London, Telephone

in Berlin, Kinky Boots

in Hong Kong, Harlequin

in Shanghai, wired Wing dress with lightning eyes 

in Las Vegas, Mini Mouse

in Hollywood, Lady in Lace

in New York, Hair Hat

and in Amsterdam, Big Hair

It's amazing to see how just in almost three years, Lady GaGa has affected so many fans all over the world. Being one of her little monsters, I also took Lady GaGa as an inspiration of my weaknesses and oddity in the community. It embraces my eccentric nature and stand tall of who I am because I am born this way.

p/s: Born This Way - her new upcoming album title.

Shah Alam Wet World

Last Tuesday, it was a holiday and there was no classes held. And since we've planned to go to the Wet World in Shah Alam because we had to cancel on it the previous day since it was already late. And so we embark with the same six person-party like the time we went to Shah Alam before. Without Adi, that is.

As soon as we arrived at the Wet World, we were shocked to see how crowded it was and there was a long line of people queuing up to buy tickets. Darn it, I should have known that school holiday already started and since it was a public holiday, places like these would be damn crowded. But we didn't lose hope. We decided to have our lunch first at the Taman Tasik.

The weather at first wasn't so nice as it was showing signs of raining but it turn out to be a not-quite-sunny-but-okay day. And with such nice weather around, what else could be more perfect than a picnic by the lake?! Tadaaaaa~

Well, not exactly an ideal picnic or whatever, but it was still fun and the food wasn't all that bad. The girls made Fried Vercimilli which I ended up finishing it and some egg and sardine sandwich. Well, I was more into the fried vercimilli though.. hahahahaha!!!

 Well, I'm not the only one who enjoyed the meal, they did too. It was fun. If only we could bring more food and more friends to tag along but it seems like kinda hard to ask anyone out these days. Things are just not like what it seems anymore. eyyyhh... enough about that. This is a happy post!

After our lunch, we drove back to the Wet World and it was much less crowded than before. While Fifie, Salma, and I was lining up for tickets, Faiz, Amy, and Tinie went to find parking spot which is quite far........ really really far....

We got our tickets,

....and we're IN!

Although it wasn't that really crowded on the outside, in the park itself, there were so many people. I bet there were like more than 200 people that day. Seriously, I'm not lying. Wet World really scored more money that day with overwhelming numbers of visitors!!

Well, once we find a great shading spot for both Salma and Amy to guard our belongings (they didn't swim... Amy was sick while Salma... I don't know why..). It's too bad that both of them didn't join us cause it was so much fun playing in the water. Well, at least Salma helped to take some pictures while we're busy playing in the water. Enjoy~

 More craziness from the house of senget~

We actually stayed there for quite a while. We got there at 1pm or so and stayed over until it was 5pm. So... it'd be a lie if we didn't get burned quite a bit.. well I burnt a lot and the high level of chlorine inside the pool sort of made my skin all dry and all peeled up. But it was worth it though.

And so we said Goodbye to the Wet World after we pack up our things~ 

....but that wasn't the end of our day. Tinie suddenly had a craving for Nasi Kandar ast Plaza Shah Alam and we were all kind of hungry too so we decided to hit it. 

But as soon as we parked outside and ready to go, we saw something else that kind of attract our minds.

Yup, the Ayam Penyet restaurant which is quite famous with it's delicious kampung style dishes. And since most of us have never eaten at Ayam Penyet before,  we'd decided to give it a shot.

They have quite a range of dishes to be chosen and all of them are delish. I have not needs to taste it to tell that it's freaking delish because most of these dishes are kampung style dishes and being a kampung boy once, these kinds of dishes aren't that foreign to my taste.

Well, since I'm using Fifie's phone, the camera quality isn't all that great even with a flash mode on. Though it may have great shutter speed, it seriously lacks in macro mode snapping which enhances more on specific sharpness to things that are in a close distance.

I'm not gonna do a review for this restaurants with these kinds of pictures because I felt like it's not satisfying enough. So I'll do it next time. But for the sakes of people who would like or might not want to know, the sambal belacan was the most and spiciest sambal belacan I've ever tasted in any restaurant and I'm soooooooooooo loving it!!!

After that meal, we decided to hit Adi's house for a while to check up on his condition because of the incidents which happened cause by having too much fun at Megha's house. Thank goodness he was recovering but he said something like he can't eat because when he eats, it'll simply comes back out right away. Oh pity Adi. I really hoped that he will soon outgrew those sickness of him and be able to have fun like we do. I'm praying for all the best of health for you Adi. Well that's it for now.

And I hope that you'll understands if my blog won't be active for a while because assignments are starting to stacking up and we've got lots of big project going on such as our term papers, theater project and notes to understand. So, I'll wish you guys lots of luck and make the best out of your life...
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