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Two Movies and a Lunch Date


HHmmm... I can't remember which day it is that I went.... oh wait! It was last Friday. I went to KLCC because I have a lunch date with this person I met on the internet. He is quite a successful person. He works as a stock broker or something in that field. He told me blah and blah about once we're older we need more than our 'pencen' money to keep on supporting our life. That is for people who work for the government, what about people who doesn't work for the government, people who work for private industries of the sort. How are they going to survive in their older days? Their life depends on the money they make during their working period and will it ever be enough? So he introduces to me that students of my age or people that has start having steady incomes should start investing in these financial stocks that will help increase our financial banking. It was interesting but I am not intrigued at all because those issues are far too complex for me. I just wish to live my life as it is for now and now having to worry about all those right now. I have other priorities, which is to study well and score my CGPA to oblivious! Hahaha, like it's even possible. Well at least I could hope.

Though the talk was pretty much boring and tedious for me, at least he paid for the foods. It was at Dome. That was my first time at Dome and I didn't really know what to order so I ended up asking for the same as his. But what he picked was abso-fucking-lutely delish! I like it. I think I'm gonna start trying Dome after this. It's a great investment! Hahahaha!

So, I guess KLCC haven't changed that much since .... whatever. After that lunch date, I went to the TGV and bought some movie tickets since I've been dying to watch some of these movies. 

This movie is totally brilliant. Very very brilliant. It depicts actual cases of life that is happening nowadays and how people don't really know how to handle responsibilities when they are given at whim and without preparation. This movie totally moved me to tears. It was totally worth watching it. It's not a chick flick, it's a story about life. I love how Katherine Heigl brought up her character and it kind of really suits her. The baby is oh-emm-gee-so-cute!!!!

Okay, I know what you are going to say. I know this story is dumb and totally not worth it. At least it provides me with some comedy. Some... not adequate, not a lot... just some. I totally think I've wasted RM7 for this movie because it's a piece of crap. It was funny at the beginning but when Cat Farish and Mazlan started to train to become a bomoh themselves and getting all mushy with Nora Danish, I was beginning to vom over this movie. Sickening.

After those two movies, I went searching ups and downs the KLCC for a birthday present. Whose? Karen's. Her birthday was the day after which I am going to tell you on the next entry. SO, I was searching high and low for a present that she would like but I couldn't find anything nice for her. Alas, I bought her a photo frame because I remembered she bought a 10R sized class photo the other day. I really hoped that she would like it.


  1. I wana watch Life As It Is too!!! Imma pamper myself with it next week! Cheerios x)

  2. It's been a while I go to KLCC lo. Why don't you show the food there? Hehe :)

  3. life as we know it la my dear!
    hahahaha! u sound cute!!
    go on!! it's a nice movie!

  4. albert : that is a brill idea!!! perhaps I will next time... or would you like to come to Dome with me... perhaps we'll go together and try eating its dishes together!
    I love trying out new foods!


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