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Tagged by Sizzling Suzai

"once you have been tagged,you are supposed to write a note with 25 random,things,facts or goal about the end,choose 5 people to be have to tagged the person who tagged you.if i tag you,its because i want to know more about you."

let's get this bitch started!

25 Facts About Myrmia Myrlodiea

1) My real name is Muhammd Najmi Bin Rustam

2) Myrmia Myrlodiea is the name I created to project my alter persona.

3) I go by the nick : Najmi, Naj, Ami (family), Mie (Myra and Wanie), and Mimie (Unisel).

4) I love both green and pink!!!

5) My birhtdate is 11th November 1989.

6) My first language is Bahasa Malaysia, my second language is English, and my third language is Japanese (not that proficient though...still learning)

7) I am taking my Degree in TESL in UNiSEL.

8) I am verrrrrrrrry clumsy. I'm a complete mess.

9) Obviously, I am a freak. Don't believe me?

10) I am an all-rounder. I never find myself good at one specific things. I can cook (but not grand stuff), I can take great pictures (but not professionally), I can do acting (but not great), I write poetry (but not at great depth), I can dance (but not so choreographed), I can communicate well in English (but at times I will stutter), and many more things.

11) I am so in love with the number ELEVEN.

12) I wish that I was born as a girl. Seriously.........................I'm not lying.

13) I'm not a very religious person. Not pious or 'soleh' at all. I stray too much already.

14) I treasure two of my best bitch, Myra and Wanie a fucking hell lot!

15) I do treasure my bond with my younger siblings, Zufar and Farrah so much. We are so close. It's hard to see siblings that are so close with one another these days but I'm lucky because my siblings and I are very close and we enjoy each other's company very much!

16) Most of the time, I like being a complete bitch. One that ignores, insults, and mock all other beings.

17) Selfish and selfness has always been a constant battle each time I make a decision.

18) I like taking photographs of people, especially candid ones. Because they're the most natural and sincere.

19) I love to explore! Not just places but also trying out new things, eating foods I've never tried before, taking long walks to places I've never walked before, enjoying the nature all around us, and anything to do with total exploration of new things.

20) I'm a very very very very VERY CHILDISH guy. Maturity is totally overrated for me.

21) Music is a must in my life. Especially E-Pop and J-Pop. I don't like cheesy Malaysia love song. Yucks!

22) I have never thought that blogging would be a very important thing in my life but since I have started blogging last year, I have become in love with it. Even though I don't have many followers or readers, every blog entry means a lot to me because they help me remember all the things that happened in my life.

23) I have no clue of what the future might hold for me because I constantly change my mind. I'm a person who don't stick long to one thing.

24) As much as I want to keep it all confidential and secretive like everyone, I'm comfortable enough to reveal that I'm a homo.

25) There's only one motto and one motto only in my life that I'll always stand abide by it; "LAUGH AT LIFE, AND IT'LL LAUGH ALONG WITH YOU"

Hey, everyone, thank you so damn much for being able to accept me the way I am. I really appreciate that because I've always believed that I don't need to pretend to be someone else to get other's approval. I'm so fucking comfortable of being who I am and I would like to thank all of you for that. Yet, 25 facts is not enough to really describe who I really am. I'm so much more complex. Hahahahaha!!!

Thank you Sizzling Suzai for tagging me!!!
and now for the five unlucky bloggers:


  1. salam cek mimie ^^
    ur most welcome n thanks a lot 4 doing this yarr..n yup now i know u better,,
    hahahah XD why LOL?? u wish dat u were born as a gurl..yang, being a gurl is not as cool as u think..leceh pe..kna cantek2, sopan2 n slalu rs insecure klu de jantan2 miang ^^ hahah klu laki xyah risau pon.huh!
    neway, love to know you n stick friend 4ever k..amin.. (^____^)

  2. thanks for tagging me in the first place!!!
    Yeah, cause I don't have to have mixed feelings about guys. that'd be so damn easier!!!

    for sure, darl!!!


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