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Surprising Saturday

Saturday, saturday.... Nothing important happened actually...if I could recall....hhm.....*trying to dig out my brain trying to remember what actually happened that made me go to Wangsa Walk with Myra*
*smoke coming out from my ears*

Apparently, I can't remember why did we went to Wangsa Walk on that day so let's just focus on what happened. I'm guessing that we were bored at home and as usual, Myra would ask me out. We decided to hit Wangsa Walk for... (can't remember! Shit!) and first of all we wanted to have lunch since both of us were starving. We went round and round looking for places to eat and finally we chose the Little Wok Kitchen on the ground floor.

Black Pepper Beef Rice (mine)

Black Pepper Chicken Rice (Myra's)

I ordered this delicious Kang Kong Belacan which I can't believe how tasty it was. I have never tasted Kang Kung Belacan this delicious. Seriously... I was eating it just like that like it was some sort of snacks. It was damn good.

Actually, it wasn't really a lunch because it was already 3pm over and by the time we finished eating, it was already 5pm over. After the supposedly-lunch, we left Wangsa Walk and head over to Ampang Point


Now I remember!!! That evening, at 8pm, we were supposed to go Myra's colleague house to celebrate Deepavali. So, we decided to go out earlier.... that's why. Since the open house started at 8pm over, we hang out at the Coffee Bean to kill some time. 

My first time in Coffee Bean!!!!

Myra bought a Chocolate Chip Muffin which tasted so good!!!! And I bought myself a Chocolate Fudge cake which I ended up not finishing it because it was.... too fatty....

Horrifying isn't it?
That's a Black Forest Chocolate Smoothie with extra Caramel, extra Fudge and extra Whipped Cream!!!! 

By 8pm over, Myra's phone battery was dead we couldn't contact her friend to ask for direction to go to place, so we ended up not going and stayed back at the Coffee Bean. By 9pm over, we decided to hit the road back home.

As I was finally relaxing at home, with my hair wet after shower, fans blowing super cool breeze on damp skin, enjoying the moment, suddenly I got a text from Myra asking me to accompany her to go to a late supper with her friend at the HR Steakhouse in Kampung Baru. Reluctant, at first, I finally give in to the temptation in my head that keeps on saying 'Lamb Chop.... Lamb Chop... Lamb Chop'.

So I went to the steakhouse with Myra and her friend.... hoping to enjoy some lovely supper which turns out to be quite sickening because the group sitting beside us was making such loud noises, and speaking with a Kelantanese accent. Hey, I don't mind Kelantanese people and I do love the accent but the way they speak at the restaurant was like they own the place. So fucking noisy. Thank goodness I had fun with the cats that was playing underneath our table. They're soooo cute!!!

After that supper, we decided to hit a place where we could sit down, relax and just watch other people..

Can you guess where?

Yup, it's the Dataran Merdeka. It's been quite a long time since I've hang out at the place. The last time I went there was on the 31st of August last year, celebrating Merdeka. That year, I went there alone, trying to experience what it feels like to celebrate Merdeka there. Supposedly it is happening but it didn't turn out to be quite good. It was drizzling and once the main event was over, the rain started pouring. Uhh... enough about last year. So, I had quite some fun while we were hanging out there. Guess what?! Myra and her friend educate me on how to recognize cars. As most of my friends would already have known, I don't know how to differentiate cars and recognize them. The only cars that I could recognize are Kancil, Avanza, Wira, Iswara, and Myvi (even I got confused between a Viva and a Myvi and a Savvy). So I had some time guessing what car is that and how to differentiate them. Now I can tell what's the difference between an Old Kancil and the new Kancil, a normal Satria and a Satria Neo, a Myvi and a Viva, and some other cars. It was pure educational to me that night.

We chilled there until the clock strikes 4.30pm and the police started coming and asked all the cars that parked to move their vehicle as they will begin opening the roads already. Undecided on where to go, we finally decided it's time to hit back home.

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