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She's so SWEET like a candy!

I know it's a wee bit late for birthday presents but at least she's the one that took an effort to get me something. And I really do appreciate it as it was the one and only present I received for my birthday this year! Thank you so damn much!!!

And if you're wondering who is this person I'm thanking alot,

Dania Marissa

My first time meeting her was way actually quite unexpected. It was in my Foundation Year. I was taking my Pengajian Malaysia subject and she was repeating that subject. At first, she always sat alone. But then came time when we were assigned to do a big assignment in groups. As usual, my classmates were fast on finding their group mates and I was left with Dania and this other girl which I've forgotten her name. She was repeater too. From there, I began talking with her and I found that Dania was such a bubbly and cute girl!

We were like this BFF, so close. And the best part of it, both of us live quite nearby in Ampang. We clicked very well. Camwhoring, hanging out and stuff. Both of us like sweets like chocolates and candies. We were like sisters. Well, not exactly sisters.. but you get the point.

We would meet up everytime in class and sat next to each other. I remember the lecturer teasing us, calling us a couple and being all to close and mushy with each other. It was so funny. Even for my first time with her, for my birthday, she bought me this silver-plated key-chain with my picture on one side and her name on the other side. I really liked that key-chain but somehow I've lost it  during the moving from hostel to hostel intervals. Sorry, Dania.

And this year, she was the only one that got me a gift. That's so sweet!! Thank you so much! I really am glad I was able to get to know you! I wish you all the happiness in the world!!!


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