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Secretly Enchanting

Cute, aren't they?!!!

Last week, I went to the Secret Recipe with my siblings during their closing hour, where at that point of time, they would only sell cakes only since the kitchen was closing. But luckily for us, the kitchen was about to close when we came in. We asked if we could still dine-in and they waiters there smiled back saying that we can. Surprisingly, their service to us that night was splendid.

We ordered quite some heavy dinner stuff but they weren't complaining or not even a speck of sleaziness shown on their faces as they warmly took our order and prepared them in not quite of a long time. Well, since we were the only customers left, I guess they could afford more time to cook our meal faster. 

My Chicken Cordon Bleu was heavenly! The outer layer weren't that nice cause it got kinda chewy because a bit burnt, but once I took my knife and cut open a slice, melted cheese began to ooze down like molting lava on the sides. And the soft tender meat inside complement the saucy melted cheese so good. And FYI, that was my first time eating a Chicken Cordon Bleu. I've never eaten one before!

Farrah's Grilled Mushroom Chicken Chop was not all that bad too. The chicken was crispy on the outside, tender on the inside. And the thick Mushroom sauce was really something that night. I was put on a sway by the awesome taste. Never have I tasted Mushroom sauce this good before.

And I really applaud the guy that made our Hot Chocolate that night. It was the perfect temperature, not too warm, not too hot for our tongue. Just perfect. And the effort of the guy that did those chocolate art was truly worth it as it cheered up my younger siblings and me too (I was having a fever that day).

The whole time, it felt like we were treated like royalty... ehem!.............. not royalty, but nicely. I mean, it has been such a long time that I've seen waiters that treated their customers nicely and with a sincere smile. I just wish there were more people like that nowadays.

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