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Premier Screening of Skyline

Like what I've told you from the previous post, I went to the Feffy's kids spa which is owned by Fifie's mother. Due to lack of skills, she advices me to go ask for her mom to do it instead of her since she's not confident of doing face paints yet. And I just agreed. As soon as her mother arrived, her mother told me to pick from any design I can find inside the Youtube so that she can use the video as a guide to draw on my face. But I had other plans. 

I was thinking, why the heck did Nuffnang asked us for a red face-paint instead? So it must have something to do with the movie, I guessed. So, a couple days earlier when I confirmed my invitation to the screening, I went online and did some search from any of the movie stills available. And then I came across this image :

And then it hit me. Maybe this was the one that the red face-paint presents? Maybe... because it's red and everything and with all those veins bulging out... and because I couldn't find any other image that could best represents the red face-paint theme. And I asked her mom to do it like this. She said okay and she began setting my face with foundation and moisturizer, powdering my face and structuring the shades. She began by starting the base color red around the eye to bring out the effect.

And then she started to mix a dark purple and black eyeliner together to create darker larger veins.

And finishes it up with smaller veins spreading on my cheeks and around the eyes. At this point of moment, I already felt afraid looking at myself in the mirror.

 And voila.... the end product.... gah! I was too embarrassed to walk in public with that face-paint. But Myra told me to be confident and don't let people's stare bug me. And she taught me good. By the time I reach Wangsa Walk to collect the tickets, I wasn't all that embarrassed to walk in public with the face-paint.

Arriving at the Wangsa Walk, I walked up to the Nuffnang booth and collected the tickets. I also received a Nuffnang badge a complimentary Skyline Notebook. Seeing that there's still some time until the screening, we went to the nearby food store and had some light dinner.

Gosh, I look creepy... I can't believe myself for pulling that act in front of the public. Clearly I'm building self-confidence skills here, not allowing myself to be embarrassed to take risk in front of people. There are also others that attend the screening with red face paints too. At that point of time, I was already de-motivated thinking that I might not be the winner because .... well... I'm just not confident in myself for winning any contest prizes because I have never won anything in my life. Well.. if you're considering I won the tickets for the screening, then I shall rephrase myself. I have never won first place in anything. But last night was clearly a big surprise for me as I was chosen as the best dressed blogger. Gosh! 

I would like to thank Nuffnang so much!!!!! It's like... unbelievable. I really would like to thank Nuffnang. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!

Hey, I was surprised to found out that Azam and Suzai was also there at the screening. Missed her a lot~!

Okay, this is an awesome movie. The graphics are nice, the cast is fresh, the acting is good, and the suspense and thrill was exciting enough. I love the idea of the movie a lot. This movie is fucking cool. Seriously it's awesome. Watching all those humans got sucked inside the alien hovering thingy was majestic. I had goosebumps at certain parts of the movie. Especially this part of the movie :

Seriously, my body hair was sticking out looking at this scene. It's fucking awesome, really! But there's only one thing that I kind of despise about this movie. It's the chronological order of the story. As the story starts from a backward chronological order. The movie is kind of messed up as you saw the second scene of the movie as the movie shows not the progress but the previous day.... yeah, I know. It's messed up. But it is still a great movie.


  1. salam..hi my dear mimie..

    hehehhe..the 'miss her' word is referring to me kerr??
    hahha XD
    coz yup im so glad we've met yesterday coz i miss u too cek mimie LOL~
    nk lepak2 xleh plak...
    hemmm next time we should set a reunion k ^^

  2. yup... you lol!!!!
    tular pasal.. u ade exam..
    padahal time u msg i dlm hall i dh tpikir nak ajak u lepak kt marlis danau kota.. mkn char kuey teow!!!!

  3. shyneze : thanks!!!!! i was surprised myself you know.. I thought that maybe someone else would win it..

  4. Hey Myrmia, anyway my name is Azham... heheh... It's nice meeting you, Myra and Suzai the other day...


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