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Ordinary Birthday

Last week on the 11th of November, I turned 21. Finally, 21...yeaaaaay..... *not that happy* Why? Because I hate growing up!!!

Being an adult is no fun. I hate it. I hate responsibilities, I hate commitment, I hate working, I hate having a monotonous daily life, I hate having boundaries to public image, I hate not having fun, I have not being able to act foolishly like a child, I hate it... I hate growing up. Like, seriously!

But alas, the clock doesn't stop at my will and now I'm already a 21 year old guy. I know, being 21, I finally have that key of freedom where parents finally able to let go of their children as a full-grown adult.. well.. not exactly full-grown but young adults howsoever. But being me, I have none of those perks. I still live with my mom and my grandma, I don't have my own car, I have to finish studying with flying colors so that I can support my family, I need to look after my younger siblings, and bla bla bla... it's like there's no changes at all. Seriously, other people, when they had their 21st birthday, it's like being set oblivious from their shackles and roam free but for me, it's the same thing.

So this year, as usual, there's no celebration, no present, no nothing. Bummer...isn't it? Only wishes. Well at least this year, Facebook notified my friends and over 50 friends posted birthday wishes on my wall. At least that's better than last year. Okay... I know, I complain a lot.

On the day of my birthday, thinking there was nothing going on, I decided to sleep the whole day, trying to kill any expectations brewing up in my mind. I woke up finally at 6pm. And the only thing that happened that day, was going to a big dinner, using my own money. Now, that is just... excellent.

My birthday, mom asked me to bring my younger siblings for a big dinner, using my own money.
- how depressing that was.

 Well, at least it was fun for a while at the dinner. But for a brief moment that is.... oh and if you're wondering, I went to Kenny Rogers.

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