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Kuala Selangor Fun Fair

Aaahhh... it feels so good to be back in Taman Ilmu, seriously!!! I missed just lazing around on my bed, laptop by the side, movies playing on the monitor and the curtain draped by the window, letting no sunlight hit me by the face! And the internet's connection is great!! Especially during this time because not many students have gone back yet and the broadband's signal is awesome!!

What surprised me today was that Faiz and Mien decided to come home earlier. Well, at least I have someone to talk to. And since I have forgotten to buy myself a new towel since the old ones had holes in it. (uughhh... ashamed to write that). Anyway, I asked a favor from Mien to drive to Tesco do some grocery shopping and guess what we found once we got there????

A fucking FUN FAIR!!!!

I begged them to go there after I had done my lil shopping since I have never been to a fun fair before! I wanted to go so bad!!!!! I was like this little boy who wanted to play at the playground and have lots of fun!! And considering they're such kind-hearted guys (uugh... tetiba rase loya... hahahaha!), they agreed to go there too. Wooohoooooo!!!!

Though they don't have so much extreme or amazing rides, I was happy enough to be able to be there and play. They had lots of interesting booth that held fun games. The only thing that I don't like about the fair, was that the token prices are kind of a bit too expensive. RM2 for 1 token. If it had been only RM1, I'd would mind spending more money and time there.

We first started by going on to the booths and play some games.

We tried playing Bingo, but luck wasn't on our side. But it's quite fun though. That was my first time trying an official Bingo game. It was exciting.

Dart-throwing games... Mien tried this one!

In this game, we had to toss the rings given to us to one of those sticks (look below) and hope that we land on one that has prizes.

Well, at least we got some key-chains.

This pinball game is so much fun, not to mention the booth attendant was a cute girl!!!

Faiz got this large yellow pen... aha......

I wanted to try my luck on this duck catching game.. it's more like a luck game. I had to pick one that had numbers written on the bottom part. Unfortunately, I picked one that had the number ZERO which means = no prize. Shitty!

And this shotting game got Mien hooked up real good!

Just look at the enthusiasm....

After some fun at the booth, we went for the rides. 

Bumper cars!!!!!!
I had a real good time playing the bumper cars! Faiz kept on chasing me, trying to bump me. I was busy bumping other people. Mien, however went drifting on his own, bumping other people. But it was so much fun bumping other people too since the batch that played with us are mostly children. It was fun!!

And there's this swinging ride, the ones you can find at Cosmo World in Times Square. 

And surprisingly, it was as extreme as the one in Cosmo World. But a freaking lot creepier because the ride didn't seem like it was very sturdy and the whole time when we were being spun up in the air, I had to hold on to something else than just the safety hold because it wasn't gripping really well. I was kind of scared of falling flat on the ground.

But it was still fun. Faiz ended up screaming more than I did on the ride. I was laughing for a while on the ride and then just keep silent, enjoying (enjoying ker?!) the creepy 360 spin that was scaring the shit out of me. I had a terrible headache-like dizzy after I got off that ride. It lasted until we finally reached home in Taman Ilmu. Faiz too. Because once we arrived home, he hit the bed for a while because he was feeling so dizzy. Gaaaah.....

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