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Karen's Birthday Party

Last Saturday, Karen invited me to her Birthday Party in Banting. Notice the word, Banting. I have never been there and my supposed to be co-pilot bailed on me, leaving me who has no experience of going there to drive all the way to Banting all on my own. Seriously I was fucking scared all the way. I had to keep on calling  Karen like every 10 minutes to ask her which direction and everything. I was super effing scared! Like seriously!!!!

And I did almost got kind of lost in Klang. There was some roads being closed because of the Deepavali festival preparation and I almost got out of the right path but I managed to get through and finally made it to Karen's house. It took me almost 3 hours to get to her house. That was some experience. As I got there, I was kind of surprised because I thought it would be like a normal in the house party but I saw tents in front of her house. It'll be like a formal party I guess. Thank goodness that I had did earlier shopping that day and used that new clothes instead to replace my normal T-Shirt.

Her neighborhood.

The living room is quite nice. Oh yeah, as the party supposed to start at nighttime and I kind of arrived 3 hours earlier. She asked me to get comfortable first and I sat by the couch on the living room. While I busy reading this Ben 10 book laying on the couch, a niece of Karen sat next to me and began disturbing me. At first I talked with her but she refuses to speak anything and so I continued reading. She then started to disturbed me by climbing on my thigh and everything. I can't stand it. She's so adorable but she won't speak a single word or anything. Not even a babble at all.

Jessica Ashley ~ So cute!!!!

Grand isn't it?!

She look so pretty!!!! Seriously!! Up close she's even prettier!!!!

Even the cake is grand!!!

But the best part of that night was meeting these three hot ladies!!!!

Sherlina, Rita & Jessica

They're so beautiful and so sweet. And they're the ones who approached me instead of me approaching them. I told Karen that they're beautiful and Karen suddenly pulled me to them and introduced me. Then when I was seating all alone waiting for Pravina at another table, these girls came to me and started asking me things. I was super embarrassed. I was blushing so hard that my face turned red. I'd get super shy when pretty girls talk to me when I don't know them. They're seriously beautiful. Don't trust my camera quality, they look much better in real life. Who are they? They were Karen's church friends.

After some time, they finally decided it's time to cut the cake. 

The 'suap-menyuap' ceremony begins with her mother.

And then her father....

And then it goes on and on.... her family is quite big..... We had to wait quite some time for the 'suap-menyuap' session to finish. But it was fun to look at. Karen looked super gorgeous that day. She really does. Karen, here's my wish to you.

I hope you'll always be happy, smiling and laughing like you'd do to everyone. Keep on being my favorite mangkok friend, and may you strive in life forever!
May God bless you and grant you total bliss!


  1. Is the Barbie cake edible? Too cute for words!

  2. When I first seeing those banquet-like setting, I need you to tell me it's actually a birthday party! Wow this is amazing! Rich family huh? :)

  3. surprisingly... it's edible.. well the lower part only, not the upper half.

  4. albert : not.. they're not that rich. they're average family like most of us. but the thing is that it's her 21st birthday and they think that it's a big number to signal that she's all grown up now....


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