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Johor : 2nd Day

Okay, the previous post talks about our journey to Johor and we made it safely past midnight, about 2am or something. And we didn't take quite a good look at his house. Earlier the next morning, I woke up early hearing the sounds that I am quite familiar with : the buzzing sound of passing vehicles that sounded like they're going on a straight forever line and rooster cuckooing at the rise of the sun. It was refreshingly cold and tantalizing.

His house was divided into two parts: the wooden and the modern. Hahaha... that sounded weird.

For breakfast, his mother served us with this Nasi Lemak packed in small poly-foam box and she said that it is only available in Johor and it isn't sold anywhere else. Really?

Cause I thought I have seen it somewhere else before in KL. Anyway.... After that breakfast, we were busy Facebooking for a while since the wireless connection at Mien's house was superb. It was damn fast! I was having the time of my life watching Michelle Phan's Youtube videos one after another and not having to wait too long for it to load.

After some time, Mien called us out because he wanted to show us around his area. It was not bad. Some of the places were very breath-taking and beautiful. I personally love this open field area where it looked like it was a large paddy field.

And then, we came across this awesome looking road! 

We stopped by for some photo-snapping moments~!!!!

And then it was time to move on. Mien brought us to this seaside called Teluk Ramunia or something (shit! I totally forgot what was it called...!). At first he thought that he'd brought us there for me to take sceneries pictures but as soon as we arrived, we all started rolling up our lower pants and fold them into place so that we can start playing by the water!

Bear decided to collect some sea shells or whatever nice he can find to bring back to his anak-anak as a souvenir. It was fun, searching for those shells!

And they found lots of interesting shells too! Not just shells, part of corals and shaped stones were found too! Most of them were cool looking!

Even this heart-shaped stone! And we even found this round stone that has a floral-star imprinted on it. We thought that stone might have been sat by a starfish before, thus the pattern.

And then we went by this reef area~

After the beach, Mien continued to bring us round and round his area. And he decided to bring us to Ayie's previous school. But we just sat by the entrance, we wouldn't dare to go inside.

After some time going around, Mien brought us to this pier-like location where there are some restaurants nearby that is facing the ocean. He said that he always goes there to eat with his friends. We ordered some food and sat there having our lunch.

I could swear that this Cappuccino is the most delicious one I've ever tasted. You know why? Because it isn't totally bitter!

And these desserts weren't all that bad!

After that lunch we head back to Mien's house to relax. Then we take a look at what they've collected at the beach. Boy, those shells and corals are pretty!!!

Later, Mien took a nap and the rest of us stayed online until it was almost 7pm. Then we started preparing for the Tahlil and sat outside. After the recital was over, the guest started eating and we cleaned up the plates and everything. After that, it was free time and the guys was watching football on TV and I sat alone upstairs at the wooden part of the house, reminiscing my old time when I was small and living at my late grandma's house in Hulu Langat. Finally, after some time, I went downstairs and joined them. Later, all of us fell asleep.


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