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Johor : 1st Day

Second last paper, last semester : Teaching of Reading skill by Major (R) Hadzrie. Our exam location was at the Main Hall. As usual, I decided to hitch a ride in Mien's car because I refuse to use my motorcycle in the blazing heat of the afternoon, especially in freaking damn Unisel where the heat is just extraordinary. And as usual, Bear would hitch a ride too since Mien doesn't mind. Heh, say whatever it is but I really think he's a nice guy. Really! He is like.... a fun loving person which I'd love to hang out with. Spontaneity and randomness is always overloading with him.

The exams didn't take quite that long because it was kind of easy. I'm not lying because I didn't have the effort to study for his paper earlier last night or that morning before but I could still answer his paper, and I did even get out of the hall in less than one hour. It really wasn't all that hard. But I'm still scared to see what my results would be this semester. I'm so fucking afraid that I might not get 3 pointer and above to raise my CGPA high enough. Because there were two paper this semester that I'm positive that I'll get a C.

Forget that! The reason for this post was that on that day itself, all of the guys inside our house is going away for two days. One group is heading north to Perak (Afiq's sister's wedding) and the other is heading south to Johor (Mien's sister's funeral prayer). Ironic isn't it? And on that day itself, I actually had the opportunity to go the premier screening of You Again at Cathay Cineplex, Damansara (courtesy of Nuffnang). But alas, I choose to accompany Mien and went to Johor.

Before leaving, we had to stop by the hostel because Bear wanted to take some of his clothes to wear in Johor. Gosh, it's been such a freaking long time since I had not entered the hostel area. I kind of missed living there. The loud noises every single night, the ridiculous amount of 'creature of the night' hanging out by the balcony and the lower grounds near the small roundabouts.... Haaaa!!! And I didn't even know that the Jana Niaga had place water vending machine on the lower ground of each block. How fortunate of the new students. They can just go down there to get water, unlike us seniors before, we had to go all the way to the cafe of student's center to buy bottled drinks!

After Bear had took all his clothes, we began our journey to Johor. Mien told us that it took approximately six hours to reach Johor and that six hours only count once we reach the highway and it doesn't take count after we reach the end of the highway. Get it? The journey might take more than just six hours. I was kind of.... a bit hesitant whether or not I'd get bored being in a six hour drive. But I think I'll just bear with it.

Mien used the Puncak Alam road to get to Shah Alam and then from Shah Alam to the highway going to the south heading to Johor. There was some traffic heading to Shah Alam but it was nothing. And not later, we finally made it to the highway!

 Half of the journey wasn't all that bad, the roads were clear, there was much laughing going on and we weren't that bored. With stereo blasting out great music one after another, there was not a moment of boring at all. We were enjoying the ride. We were so hooked up on Travis McCoy new song : Need You. It's an awesome song! A lively one. It was all fine until...

There was this huge traffic that stretch so far ahead. The car is moving at a very slow pace and we were kind of busting out of mood because of it. Then we heard ambulance siren wailing ahead. OH... now we get it. There's been an accident. And gosh it was terrible! The cars that got involved was crashed and 'penyek' like nothing I've ever seen. Lucky for us, we were safe.

Not too far from the traffic, there was this R&R Ayer Keroh which looked exactly like the Restoran Jejantas in Sungai Buloh. We stopped by there for some relaxation. Faizal, Bear and I take a look inside the Al-Ikhsan shop for a while and I bought a T-Shirt there. I was actually surprised when they saw me bought one because that shop sells sports item and as far as they know, I don't like sports at all. And the prices aren't that cheap.

And we went inside this amazing craft shop that sells a lot of interesting souvenirs. There was this shop that sells crossbows and bows and a 'sumpit' too. I was hooked up fixed on wanting to buy the bow because I've always wanted to know how it feels like to use a bow. But alas, no... I didn't bought it. We meet up with Mien at this cafe and have our dinner there. After the dinner, we continued our journey to Johor.

The next half of the journey was also the same. It wasn't all that boring. We had fun laughing and listening to the music. And finally, after midnight we got out of the highway. And Mien brought us to the pekan of Kota Tinggi. Well at least it wasn't all that bad. They have McDonalds and a KFC too. And their KFC it still open past midnight. Now that's awesome. I've never seen a KFC that opens past midnight in KL before!

We decided to stop by at McDonalds and have some supper there. Too bad by the time we enter there, my phone's battery was already finished. So there was no pictures taken. And I found there's a new item in McDonald : McFlurry Milo!!! Awesomeness!!!!

After that supper, we continued our journey to Mien's house. But guessing that I was probably bored or tired or just simply wanted to try a sneak a little nap on the way, I fell asleep. I felt bad for falling asleep because we were actually almost there, well... almost an hour to reach it actually. As we arrived, we unpacked our things and went to sleep.

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