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It's Monday!

Yeah, it's Monday! And class has finally started! Although there's no education process going on, there's still some good news about it. I get to see my lovely classmates' face. Oh god how I missed them a lot!!!

Seeing those buzzing noises they made when everyone is talking and chattering around, gossiping about new things and who did this and that, Oh I missed all those!!!

And speaking about new things, some of them sported a new look. Well, not all of them but at least some of them looked different and better!

Like, we have Shasheeta with a whole new hairdo (longer that is) and Pravenna sported a bob-cut! Now, that is one different look! She used to have this long lush wavy hair that looked awesome but now that she cut all those hair off, she looked way younger.. and cuter!

And Myza finally outgrew her short hair back. Before this, she kept on cutting her hair to a shoulder length and she'll never outgrew them but this time around, she kept it longer and she finally looked like the first time I met her during Foundation Years. I missed her long hair!!! And Adi finally gave in to our advice to never keep  his hair too long. And now, he'll always keep it a buzz-cut where he looked so much better!!

The first class of this semester kicked off quite well with Madam Noraini's Teaching of ESP class. Though there isn't any learning process going on, there's still some great humor spreading in the class thanks to her cynical and sarcastic jokes. It's pretty funny. One joke in particular where she kept on getting request from her neighbors to list their children's name into Unisel whereas she doesn't have the power or the authority to do those things.

makcik, "akak....ala kak... tolonglah, masukkan anak saya dalam Unisel tu erk? boleh la ye kak?"
Madam Noraini, "iiisssh... boleh jer... masuk sampai depan gate. Lepas tu pandai2 la erk?!"

When you read this it might not be that funny but the way she said that with all the correct intonations and stresses, it was darn funny! So it started out well and thank goodness that although our Faculty have been moved to the previous FOB building, most of our classes are still held at the PGs, which means, it doesn't change a lot.


  1. My hair will grow back, to its glorious form and put note the Devil isn't cute, someone else is

  2. whoaa... you're so determined to make me change the picture so much lol..
    hahahahaha keep on checking.

  3. Hi te short hair bitch bob-cut hair doooo..


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