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In Magika, like bullshits.

Wednesday... Hmmm...... oh yeah! Since I became a member of Watsons, whenever I shop at Watsons I'd get 1 point for every RM1 and in my birthday month, I'll receive five times the point (only valid for the first purchase of the month). So, I chose Wednesday to do my grand shopping at Watsons. Hahahah, doesn't that sound retarded? Grand shopping at Watsons! hahahaha!!

Ehem.... back to reality. Okay, so yeah! I decided to do some shopping at Watsons, buying all my toiletries, buying some make-up products for my little sister since she doesn't wear make-ups at all, some bullshits that I don't even use (things like deodorant sprays, perfume, shampoo), and some other things just to collect more points. Uhhh.... I sounded like a stupid makcik trying to win contests prizes... hahahaha!! Right? Collecting reward points and stuff, trying to win prizes....... ugh crap! What am I thinking!

Okay, so my little sister look so much different when wearing make-ups, doesn't she?! Well.... I like it! It's just that we're testing with lots of things to see which make-up suits her face and image. Still work under progress though.... 

By the way right after that, I drop my little brother off at home and went to Royal Lake Club to pick my mother off from work. When we got there, it was still early and we have one hour to spend. So my sister asked me if we could go to the playground. At first I thought that I would just sit by the corner and watch her play but suddenly, I went around and play along with her.

I have to admit, playing at the playground was fun. Besides, I haven't done that for a long time. I'm a young adult now and young adults don't play at the playground. We work, or study, or whatever it is young adults do. It's fucking boring. That's why I always say I don't wanna grow up. There's too much to think about, plus all the responsibilities and everything.... ugghhh!!!

So we played around until it was 5pm and we went to pick up my mom. We went back home. Relax for a few, took a shower, got changed, and then by 8.30pm, I picked Myra up from her house with my siblings and we went to MBO, Galaxy Ampang to watch the movie Magika.

This movie is a success. One Malay movie that I can feel that it is not crap and can be watch again and again... the only thing that I can't stand in this movie is the stupid lovey-dovey-mushy singing part between Mawi and Diana Danielle. I just want to puke over their faces. Too disgusting. The other part of the story was worth watching. It was very funny and entertaining. And I seriously think that Mawi should stop acting. He is such a terrible actor!

After the movie, we head to the Bistro Pandan Mewah for dinner. I never realized that the lamb chops over there was surprisingly delish!!! I can't forget how good it is and as a matter of fact, just as I'm writing this, I'm salivating just thinking of it...!!

And oh yeah, Myra told me that she had started a blog. She will write more on Fashion insights, what is in-trend and which pattern and style is hot right now, what is the color of the look and many more. Do visit her blog page here....

(click the picture to be directed to her blog page)


  1. yup.... cume part mawi n diana tu jer meluat nak mamps.... cm nk muntah jeeerrr!!!

  2. hahahahahahaha.....
    bodo2 jew...
    mawi n diana penyemak filem...over all ok la


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