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I'm a Leaver, Not a Taker

Okay, this is it! My final paper last semester was also held at the Main Hall. To my surprise, there was like tons of students that had their paper at the Main Hall too! Look at how crowded it is!!!

I couldn't waste any time to take lots of snaps that day because that will be the last day of last semester!

The last paper went kind of well......... I just hoped I scored good enough! Anyway, after the last paper we went back home, I packed all my things up and we're off to Mid Valley!!!!

Why Mid Valley? Oh yeah, I totally forgot to tell you guys, I got lucky once again and I received two tickets to watch the premier screening of Takers. But since I am not interested in that movie and it is so not my type of movie, I gave it up to Faizal and Mien. Besides, Faizal said he wanted to watch that movie so much so I'd be happy to give it to him. But since it was for two people, I'm thinking that you must have been wondering why the heck that I have to tag along? Because I wanted to watch the movie You Again.

Remember that I had to give my invitations away because I was going to Johor? So, I was actually pretty dying to watch that movie so.. this outing to Mid Valley was like killing three birds with one stone. Three?
Three because :

a) I wanted to watch the movie You Again
b) I can straight away go back home after our outing at Mid Valley. Thus,
c) Solving my problem to go home without having no transport.

Tada~ Brill isn't it? So, I deliberately asked them to move early because we want to avoid the traffic jams nearby Mid Valley.

By the time we arrived, it was already 6pm or so. Since I haven't eaten since morning, I asked them to accompany me to the food court because I was super fucking hungry! Next time, I'm soooo gonna try that Pepper Lunch Express.

We went around for some while and then I started seeing people lining up for the Nuffnang tickets collection booth, so I start lining up. While I was lining up, the guys went to a music shop to look at guitars. And tada~

Two tickets for the premier screening of Takers. Thank you so much Nuffnang for these ticket. You have been very kind~! And I left them so that they can go to their movie. While they were away, I went to the counter to buy my tickets for the movie You Again. And I bought two of it. Why two? Because the other one is for Myra. I called Myra earlier so that I can just go back home with Myra instead, not having to trouble the guys to send me back to my house. But, something happened that made Myra got lost to Subang Jaya instead and not having her way back to Mid Valley. So I went inside the movie alone.

After the movie, I went out and meet up with the guys. I told them Myra's condition and they said it's okay, they'll send me back. I called Myra and asked her if she can meet me at the Cheras Old Town instead, and she said yes. I brought these two guys at the Old Town had our supper until Myra finally came. She refused to join us at Old Town and remained in the car instead. I said it's fine. I finished my supper with the guys and part ways with them.

Finally, I'm back home~!!!!!!

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