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Once again, Nuffnang is being incredibly generous and kind enough to let us bloggers catch a movie earlier than it's release date and this time it is Disney's Rapunzel : A Tangled Tale.
What intrigues me to watch this movie even more is that its storyline is way much more different than the original version. Being a fan of Disney movies, I have to watch this. Besides, who wouldn't even want to miss a chance to catch this movie in 3D for free?!!! Let's just hope Nuffnang would consider my entry okay?!

Whoa.... If I have 70-feet-long golden magical hair, I'd be extremely happy!!! Deliriously happy!! Most of the people who knew me knows that I am in love with keeping a long hair and Rapunzel is my most favorite princess of all because of her lush long golden hair that goes on and on forever.

The longest hair that I could keep was this long.

It is because my mom doesn't let me to keep longer hairs. She's afraid that I might looked like a girl. But I think she's just being ridiculous. Who would looked like a girl if his body looks like an average guy? Unless I'm super slim... then that's possible.

So, if I had a 70-feet-long golden magical hair, I would definitely brag about it until day's end. I would totally flaunt that hair of mine and make people around the world become jealous of me. Well of course, not many people can have hair that long and totally magical too.

Looking at this picture, gives me an idea. Instead of telling people around about my beautiful long golden magical hair, I'd keep it a secret from everyone and you know what I'd do?
I'd used my long golden magical hair as a magical weapon. As guardian of the night. Like one of those superheroes that have super powers but instead, I have my strong golden hair to do my bidding. Commanding my hair from afar or near, tangling up the enemy or even suffocates them to their death, it's up to my cruelty.
I'll be exactly like Millia from Guilty Gear. She attacks with her hair that is magical too.

Get it?

So, yeah! I think I'll become that superhero thing if I have a 70-feet-long golden magical hair. It'll be awesome!!!! Nuffnang, please let me see this movie?!
Pretty please with the cherry on the top!

This is my recent hairstyle. Frankly I don't like it. I missed my long fringe hair (the 1st picture) but I had to cut it because my lecturer won't let me keep a long hair.


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