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How much more CARELESS can I be?

And it's finally time for me to return back to the dreaded land of Unihell which I missed so much! Yup, you didn't hear me wrong. I missed it. I really do! I actually loved my life more when I'm in Unisel because I have more freedom, I have more choices, I learn more of my own mistakes, I make more meaning to everything I do, and nothing is too monotonous and redundant. There's always something interesting to do rather than just sitting in front of my laptop and Facebooking like there's no end.

So, after sorting out some things, Myra finally agreed to send me back to Unisel because a friend is willing to accompany her along. And I really glad that that person was there. IF not, I won't be able to make it back and Myra would be so freaking mad at me...

Before we set out, we were thinking of having one last dinner together and after a couple bit tongue-biting moments, I finally won over the choice to go to Bukit Tinjau for dinner because I've never been there before and every single time I asked her to go there with me, she refuses to.

And it is what they said. The views are absolutely breathtaking (sorry for the bad quality picture, that's the best that my phone could do...). I could just stare at those street lights forever, without saying anything at all. Staring, enjoying the views like everything around me wasn't moving or affecting me. The cold breeze night air adds up the mood of an endless voyage of splendid beauty. (okay... that's a bunch of bull crap, but it is very beautiful.)

Oh yeah, since we got there kind of late (1am over), the kitchen was already closed and the only thing they could serve was soft drinks. And gosh, I was shocked at how much these soft drinks costs.

RM9.90 per soft drinks!!! Crazy expensive! (cekik darah punya tempat!!!)

And finally, right at 1.50am, we decided to leave the place and find our late-night dinner somewhere else. I really wish that I could hangout there much more longer. It was such a lovely place. I love the cold breeze, the amazing view, the swishing and swooshing of tree branches made by the blowing winds. Nature really is such a grand beauty.

We left the place and went to Danau Kota in hopes that we could eat at Marlis. But too bad for us, Marlis was already closed, which kind of surprises me as I thought that Marlis closed at a more later hour. Devastated and hungry, we went to Old Town in Sri Rampai, Setapak as it was one of the branches that opens for 24 hours.

There's a stupid incident happening at the moment. One that involves my own stupidity and forgetfulness. Guess what had I forgotten to bring along?

My house key!

How careless of me! We had to backtrack back to my house in Ampang and retrieve the key. I found the keys inside my auntie's car because recently I have been driving her car quite a lot. And I do have to admit, driving an Auto-type car is so relaxing and convenient. Ehh.... melencong plak! BTW, after I retrieve the keys, we drove like the wind straight ahead to Unisel and do you believe how fast we got there. Not more than 50 minutes! That's fast!!!

Anyway, thanks to them for having to tolerate with my carelessness attitude and mishap. I finally made it home and I was happy enough to open my locked room and see my part of the room which I completely love. It's just so nostalgic.

okay, I know it's not that very neat of whatever. But at least it's my most favorite space right now in this whole wide world!


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