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Frigid McDonalds

 Yeah, just right after I got back home from the cyber cafe, updating my blog endlessly, Myra called me and said that she's finally back from her date. The thing is I kind of asked her to pick me up from the cyber cafe and bring me home but since my phone's battery finally died on me and I had no choice but to walk home by myself.

She called me and then I forced her to bring me to McDonalds as a payback from going on the date for too long..! Waaahahhaha!!! I though the date would last for like two hours or so but it dragged until four hours. Hey, I was counting the time okay..... So, as a payback, she had to bow down to my will and bring me to McDonalds! Wahahahaha!!!

Damn! It was freezing like the north pole here inside the McDonalds. We normally sat outside but since she brought along her laptop, I wanted to surf the net and the wireless connection is much better inside. Bbbbrrr..... so effing cold!!!!

Yummy warm pancakes to shoo away the coldness!!! Haha!

Myra was freezing like there's a fucking ice cube inside her clothes.... hahahah.. .she's wearing a very transluscent thin satin blouse... No wonder! Every minute or so, she would do this 'bbbbrrrrr' motion and talk 'sangkut-sangkut' cause she was shivering too much!

Good morning y'all!!!


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