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Feffy's kids spa

Earlier yesterday, before going to the Premier Screening of Skyline, I went to Myra's friend, Fifie for her skills in face-painting. Why the heck am I looking for face-paint? It's because of the dress code for the premier screening of Skyline. Sky blue shirt and/or red-face paint. The best dressed blogger will receive 4 TGV movie passes and some other goodies and so I thought.... why not this time, go for it. Although I can just opt to wear a sky blue shirt for the goodies but why not take a risk and do the red face-paint too? I was kind of scared to do it at first but Myra pushed me to do it and so I did.

So, I just found out that Fifie's mom opened up a kids spa at Solaris Mont Kiara where they offer many rejuvenating and relaxing program such a manis, pedis, hair salon, make-ups, face-painting, birthday party celebration and many more. And they specializes in kid's well being.... their catch-phrase strikes me as very interesting and assuring :

"Why should grown-ups have all the fun ?" 

With directions from Fifie, I managed to get to the location in one piece. I've never been to Mont Kiara before and that was my first time. As soon as I enters the shop, my jaw dropped. The interior decor was amazing. It's somewhat simple in white but beautifully designed and structured. Just look at this place~!

.....and almost every places, you can find beautifully crafted pink decorations, pink butterflies and pretty girly items. Even the toilet is very stylish. The interior design was simply pleasant to the eye and soft. It is a very suitable environment for the children. 

 They host events such as halloween party, birthday party, christmas, easter and many more. They do make-ups or face-paints for kids, grooming and spa... they also includes in mother's packages for those mother that has been working hard to take care of their children. To find out more about all the packages that they offer, visit their website at


  1. don't give such bloody crap. they are not the owner at all. better watch what you are saying.. this isn't a joke pal! if her mum's the owner, then who is PUAN YATIE DATO SRI ADENAN? feel free to check it yourself on facebook, FEFFY'S KIDS SPA. see for yourself..who the realll owner is.

  2. maybe I forgot to mention about they being share-partners. Sorry, didn't mean for anything.

  3. I have clarified this with the owner this evening..that she is the only owner of that spa. *sigh*

  4. then I'll remove that clause.
    Hope it doesn't offend the owner or anything.


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