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Edward Cullen, a Comic Relief

This is Sweet.... I found this picture while I was looking for a picture of Edward Cullen on the Google drive. This wreck me quite a laugh. Twi-hards, enjoy...

credit to The Gay Life of VinVin blogspot for the picture

photo taken from Rotten Tomatoes
Ewwwww.... I mean... who would want to wear an underwear with a person's face on it. It is like soooooo fucking wrong. Even worse, check out what looks on the inside.
Ohhh man. I've gotta be fucking drunk before I wear this.

check out for more fun things HERE

Oh GOD! This is priceless!!!!!
thanks a lot, Queering Theory!

more jokes HERE

And finally, Bella couldn't take it...

These and more pictures in the Google drive got me laughing insanely for a while. Thanks a lot to those that took the effort to prove that he's gay. Twi-hards, no hard feelings okay?!


  1. hahaha.. so cute. all those haters...

  2. myra : eh bukan ko minat Jake ker? asal nak marah...? ni kan edward jer..
    ken : Lots more on the google site!
    nana : Yeah... if the twi-hards found out, I'd be so fucking dead.

  3. i like jackop


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