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Eat like there's no tomorrow...

 Hmmmm... such a busy day. Last Sunday was hectic and such a full day. And by full I mean eating type of full!!! I was going here and there that whole day. Okay, not the whole day since I woke up at 11am. Eheheheh... by the way, as soon as I woke up, I told my siblings to get bathe and get prepared as our auntie wanted to treat us for lunch. At first since she said its her treat, I wanted to pick somewhere expensive or somewhere which I have never eaten before but my lil bro told my auntie to go to Pizza Hut.... and I was like... noooooo!!!!

But as it turned out to be, we didn't go to Pizza Hut. But we went to this Suzy's Cozy House in Ampang Park instead.

The foods there aren't all that bad. Some of it were delicious. Like their own Cozy's Chicken Chop, it's delish. Their homemade sauce is like none other and it tasted awesome. I myself had a helping of Black Pepper Beef which also tasted awesome. And ding ding~! I tasted my first Shark Fin Soup. Well... hmm.. I don't know how to describe it, but I think I much prefer the crab meat soup with tofu at Pasir Penambang's Seafood place. Heh!

Anyway, after that luxurious lunch, we part ways with my auntie from Ampang Park and head back to Pandan Indah.

As we arrived back in Pandan Indah, we didn't exactly went back home but I drove over to Pandan Kapital instead. I wanted to check on my laptop because the shop hasn't called me yet. I wanted to know what's the progress or anything that they might have realized about my lappy's condition.

This shop was actually the same shop that I always went to before when I wanted to buy any PC games and the workers there are very nice and friendly to me. Sometimes, I came there and have a chat with them because they're a fun bunch.

 These two are very nice. And even the tauke's wife was there this time around. The sister told me this and that about my laptop and said that it's already done. She replaced my broken fan with a new one, formatted the laptop, and installed all the applications and softwares that I requested. I even bought an external hard disk this time so that I could keep all my belongings and all those movies inside as keeping them in my lappy is seriously making everything not running smoothly and heavy. And because I'm close to them, the tauke's wife decided to give a some discount for me and even throw in a 2GB Pen-drive for free.

and, that wasn't the end of the day.... As after I've taken my laptop and head home, Myra called me out to hang out. Took a shower, changed clothes and then I'm off to go out with Myra. We wanted to eat at Pizza Hut and there I was thinking of going to Tesco at the same time. So it's a win-win situation. We head to Tesco for dinner. Boy, finding a parking spot was super hard. I was feeling weird because of it but then Myra told me that it is 31st October, it is the day where people get their salary. So, we had some trouble looking out for parking spots. And finally we found one. Funny thing is, we found a stupid Kancil that over-parked the border.

Just look at it...
But to top it all, not just one, but two kancil did the same thing!

I don't know if the owner is fucking stupid or whatever.

As we get inside Tesco, there were like tons of people. It looked like a huge shopping complex although it is not. Just because people receives their salary today. Hmph. At first I entered Watsons because I had to treat my brother for his deodorant spray which smelled exactly like Chocolate. It's nice! As soon as I finished my business in Watsons, we head over to this girls shop because dear Farrah wanted to buy  some nail polish. While she was busy checking nail polish in front, I was fascinated by the wigs at back of the shop. And guess what, I bought two of them which cost me a nifty RM150.

We were so side-tracked at other shop that we almost forgot our main purpose of coming there. We went to the Pizza Hut and boy, there was no empty table at all. We were disappointed. And then we looked at the time and it was already 10pm over and not many shops are open until past 11pm. And considering how Myra and I always hang out, it'll always be more than two hour. I thought of going to McDonald but Myra refuses to because she had been there earlier that day. Thinking hard, we finally agreed to go to the Old Town in Jalan Kuari because the branch there is 24-hour, non-stop.

Usually, I'll be the photographer and Myra is the model but when I bring along my little bitch, she'll be the one  taking all the pictures and we'll be the unlucky person to be caught on camera. And too bad for us because on that night, all of us ordered too much food that we were all fucking full to finish everything up.

 At this point of time, I can no longer stuff anything inside my stomach!! I was totally full!!!!

 After that horrifying nightmare having to finish all the foods, we finally gave up and called the waiter to bring us the bill. I paid the foods and we left Old Town like it was some haunted place. Hahaha! We were seriously bloated that night. Seriously fucking bloated!!


  1. makan la ko sampai mamp....

    aku xley lupe kisah RM8....
    cam syallll....
    fukin damn shit itu orang....

  2. mmg dh nak mamp pown!!!

    ha'ah laaa.. ak tlupa nak masuk kn part RM8 tu..
    mmg sumpah kelakar!!!


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