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Deepavali Celebration at Aditya's

A couple days back, Aditya messaged us in Facebook inviting us to come over to his house today for the Deepavali celebration. So, I feel obligated to go to his house since he was so nice to me throughout these two years. The least I could do is to come over to his house and celebrate the day with him. But the bad news was the open house had finished around 4pm and I got a move on from my place at that time too. I told him that I'd be late and he said it's okay. Just come on over.

And so we did. We as if in Myra, Mad and I. Yup, I brought those two along. I always brought Myra along because she's my best gedix bitch and Mad because... well... because he said he wanted to hang out and so I brought him along.

We arrived at the Unisel Shah Alam and waited there for Adi to come and escort us to his house since the direction he gave wasn't all that specific and since Shah Alam is kind of very..... twisted, we'd get lost easily...

But we finally made it. And to my surprise, his house was fucking large, man! Seriously!!! I didn't know that he was that rich.....

Big, isn't it... there's a huge space between the distance between Adi in that picture and me taking the above picture. That's the parking spot. Quite spacious. OH but wait, there's more...

Can you believe it?!!!! He had a fucking swimming pool in his lawn!!! I mean like... WTFH!!!!!!! That's like fucking awesome man! I wish I had a fucking swimming pool in my lawn. He said that he used to swim there a lot but he rarely does so (unisel......). But seriously, a fucking swimming of his own is like....... awesomeness~!

Along with the swimming pool, there are some cool exterior decoration too.

So, after fazing over the swimming pool for quite some time, he asked me to come inside and meet his family. As I enter his house, another WOW popped out of my mouth. His living room is so spacious and rich! Rich as if in the style and design. He told me that his mom decorated it... well not her doing all the work, but she designed it to look like that. His mom got an awesome taste. And his mom was quite friendly too. She's very nice and soft. She gave me that warm feeling of tenderness. And she's pretty too! Get this, both his parents work as a Professor! Cool, right?!

His mother then called us to the dining room to eat but apologized to us that since we came kind of late, not too many things left for us. But it was okay, at least we have something to put in our stomach... His mother then excuses herself because she was tired serving the guests all afternoon.

So, yeah, it wasn't that much that's left but at least there's something. Being invited was good enough. I asked Adi to join us since he said he haven't eaten yet. We were also joined by Adi's little sister Sumi which appears more... mature than he is. I had a good time listening to the stories of all their siblings quarrel and teasing. They told me that even though they quarrel a lot, they still love each other. Adi also have a little brother which I've forgotten what his name was. They remind me of my own siblings. Adi was the elder son (just like me), than his little brother (like Zufar) and his little sister, Sumi (like Farrah). And their bond is exactly like mine. We're close to our siblings and spends most of our time with them whenever we get back home.

After a little chit chat, I asked permission to leave because my friend Mad had other prior engagement that he needs to attend too. We went outside and took some more picture near the swimming pool (modelling session...hahaha).

Adi and his siblings.

So, Adi, thanks for the invitation. It was an interesting experience to come over your house and your house is fucking awesome. And lucky for me, that won't be the last time I'll be able to come over to his house. He invited me for his 21st Birthday party celebration this 16th of November... or was it December? Aiyah... let's just wait for it then.... Thanks Aditya!


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