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David Archuleta - The Other Side of Down Album

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I've never done song reviews before and usually, I'll just find the song on Youtube, post it in my blog along with lyrics to indicate that I love that song a lot. But since recently, I have been spending some of my money to buy original albums, I guess just why not I do a song review for those albums. Well, not like an actual professional review, just my point of view of the songs.

Recently, I bought this David Archuleta new album entitled The Other Side of Down which comes along with a 2011 calendar which is full of his cute and bubbly pictures. Okay, that come across a wee bit stalker-ish. Scratch that...But the compilation of songs in this album is not that bad. We'll start with the first single featured.

The Other Side of Down
- The lyrics are catchy and easy to follow, the music is obviously pop and very pleasing to the ears. It's fun and fresh. The chorus is amazingly fun to sing along. Once you get past the first verse and chorus, you'll find yourself singing along to the chorus. 

Something 'bout Love 
- For all you up-to-date music followers, you should have realized this song that has been airing on the radio for quite some time now as it is the first single of this album that is released to the public for hearing. The lyrics are not so hard to follow along with some minor slip-ups between the first part of the chorus and the next. The beat of the music isn't that fast so it's easy to sing along.

- If you're lucky, you might hear this song on the radio as it is the second singles released for public hearing but quite rarely played. This song is surprisingly fun. Especially the chorus. You'll find yourself bobbing your head to the tunes quite a lot for this song is really fun to sing along. The lyrics aren't that of a high-vocab so it's easy to follow.

Stomping The Roses
- Right at this song, the chronological tempo of the songs began to slows down quite a lil bit but still upbeat up to the chorus. You'll find yourself listening to the song for the first half of the song but as you progress on the song, it gets quite catchy. The bridge is the only part that you get to sing along perfectly. But the sync between music and lyrics aren't too well organized, making it quite hard to sing along.

Who I Am
- The lyrics of this song is quite inspiring, reflecting the usual conflict of teenagers nowadays, finding their own self. This song is not quite a bad choice. Though the music isn't all that upbeat or fast pop, but the lyric of this song is great. It's very reflective and easy to sing along.

Falling Stars
- During this song, the tempo goes down quite a lot. This is a little bit of slow song, requesting the listeners to enjoy the lyric more, understanding the message of love that is portrayed in this song. Personally, I'm not a fan of this song because it's all too mushy and lovey-dovey. But all those hardcore romance music lovers will find this song a very beautiful one because the lyrics are simply beautiful.

Parachutes and Airplanes
- The tempo of the song goes back to average during this song and it's back to medium pop. The lyrics aren't all that complicated to sing along but you'll find out that the chorus is the only part that you could nail singing along. Other than that, this song is a mediocre.

Look Around
- It's upbeat all the way in this song. It's quite fun for a while but as you go along, it gets redundant as the repetitive lines are too much and it's getting too tiring to sing along. But the lyrics are fun and very appreciative. Most of the time, David's voice is shadowed over by the loud beat of the music. Take a listen and feel it for yourself.

Good Place
- And it goes back down on this song. This song isn't all that bad. It reminds me of Avril Lavigne's signature kind of song except for the lyrics. Personally, this song doesn't fit into my kind of music. It's kind of boring.

- Hmm.. what to complain? Hahaha! Okay, this song is not all that bad. It has an average tempo of beat, and the lyrics aren't all too crowded. This song is clearly organized according to the beat so the lyrics don't fall out of place. It's easy to sing along, though.

Things Are Gonna Get Better
- Seriously, it's not getting any better. Hahahaha. Okay, cut the crap. It's a slow beat. Slow tempo, and dreadfully dragging song. With almost lots of the line dragged with vocalizations. But you have to credit to the lyrics though. It's inspiring and very moving. Yeah, it is. The lyrics are very moving. Maybe you ought to listen to this song when you're feeling down.

My Kind Of Perfect
- This is another slow song. Soft piano tunes on the back, draggy lyrics and cheesy lyrics. What can I say, that's what all love song usually are. The chorus isn't all that bad though. It kind of reminds me of the song from the Disney's Little Mermaid sang by Arieal (Part of That World).

SO, that wraps up this album's side of down. These aren't professional reviews or whatever, these are comments made by me, my point of view. And I'm not being biased at all. I listened to these songs for quite some time to make my comments. So I hope that you are not thinking that I'm being too judgmental on David Archuleta. Personally, I love his songs and most of them are fun to listen too, such as, Zero Gravity and Touch My Hand. Those are great songs too.

My personal favorite of this album would be
- The Other Side of Down
- Something 'bout Love
- Elevator
- Who I Am
So, check it out. If you can afford to buy the album, perhaps download it somewhere on the internet. Just get the original copy, not the pirated version okay?!

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