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a CRAZY overnight!

Back in Unisel, I've sworn to myself this semester that I'd be hanging out more with Mira instead. And I tend to uphold to my promise. I knew we'd have so much fun together and I really am glad I wasn't wrong. Yesterday proved it. Mira finally got back that Saturday evening from Ipoh because she wanted to attend the convocation ceremony which Odie is graduating but since she had some incident happenings back in Ipoh, she arrived to Unisel quite late and the ceremony was over. And so did I. Because I was waiting for Mira. All in all, we still managed to met Odie before she went back home to Cheras. Congratulations Odie! And she seemed to have scored quite a steady ground of profession at the Astro company as an advertisement editor (or something like that....).

Since we didn't have that so much time to spend talking with Odie, Mira decided to go to Kuala Lumpur that night itself to hang out some more with Odie and we did. We brought along Faiz since he was bored and he got nothing to do. We decided to meet Odie at the Marlis at Danau Kota. Coincidently, Pija was texting Mira while we're on the way and she said that she would be meeting us there to hand in the house keys to Mira. Like killing two birds with one stone.

So we were like hanging out at Marlis like it's ours. Talking, laughing and gossiping like crazy. We were there for almost four hours when suddenly Mira and Faiz was getting hungry and we decided to went to grab a bite a Mcdonalds in Kota Damansara.

We said goodbye to Odie and took the house keys from Pija and got a move on. Oh my god, the outdoor section of Kota Damansara' McDonalds was crowded. I felt suffocated. Maybe all of the other customers also knew that if they stayed inside, it'd be damn frigid.

 We continued our chatter there for one hour. 

Finally, we decided to get a move on because Faiz said he was getting sleepy already and since he's the one that is driving, we would just agreed to his condition. As soon as we arrived at Taman Ilmu, Faiz went inside and went to bed while I help Mira to pack her things to her new house. Coincidentally and fortunately, Mien was still up and he helped us with the unpacking.

After we're done, we sat inside her room (Master Bedroom just like mine), and talked for a while. And then as we were chatting, I began to 'selongkar' some of the things inside Pija's stuff (Pija and Mira is sharing one room), well, not everything, just her nail polish collections and a box of something interesting. 

We found this Jenga-like game and played with it. It was fun. The game gets risky as it goes on because we will be stacking more and more wooden blocks into higher position while not letting it collapse. Do you know of this Jenga game or not?
This is what Jenga looks like. You will began by taking the lower parts of the wooden blocks,
and then stack it on to the top to make the tower higher. You take turns by taking out one block at a time and placing it on top. The main point is to keep on building the tower into higher structure, without collapsing it. It is a really challenging and exciting, and mostly fun. Just don't collapse it....

We stopped playing the Jenga when I made the tower collapsed for two times. Mien didn't even made the tower collapse at all... Sheeesh.. and then we move on to another game that we saw. A board game called Jutaria. It's exactly like Saidina and Monopoly only that the money currents are so much more. The highest note was RM50,000.

We were so hooked up on the games that we played until it was already sunrise. We finally stopped playing at 8am and went to Sarah Maju for breakfast. At SM, we barely could keep our eyes open as we were up the whole night, not to mention going here and there, playing and working out some more. We spent only for a brief moment there and went back home to sleep.


  1. lupe plak...lawa la ko nye banner...
    cane ko wat...
    terharu nye...

  2. myra : toksah nak jeles nyer laa... ko ngan ak hangout lagi byk dr dyorg kot.. apsal ko nak jelez?
    banner wat pkai both photoscape and adobe....
    dkat sjam lebih gak ar... ak nak siapkan.. itupown still x puas ati..

  3. seems like you have some good friends there. lucky you :)

  4. it goes along with all the dramas entangled with it, Nana. But they're still my friends. That's why I love 'em!
    Hey, you have ur sister and great social life too okay?!


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