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Catching Up with the Monyetz

Finally back at home, I got two meet my two lovely monyetz! Oh how I missed them a lot!!!!! I recently found out that she had cut her fringe and turn it into a bang... which I'm not quite fond of. Now she looks like a Chinese girl. Not that I don't like Chinese girl, she just doesn't fit for that hair. I think she looked nicer with a fringe or something else. Definitely not a bang. And Zufar, definitely a much more better looking personality. Now he likes to study.... unlike before.

Anyway, finally being able to be together with them again, I decided to have dinner with them. One that we haven't had for some time. I decided to take them to the Secret Recipe nearby our house which is not actually that near but...still considered as near.

As I told you Zufar now has much more passion to study (hhmm... .maybe because SPM is just around the corner, perhaps?), he brought his Pendidikan Agama Islam textbook along because he wanted to memorize it.

He even asked me to help him with memorizing by questioning him again.

 So, Secret Recipe. Hmmm... Don't really know what to tell you guys here since I ordered almost the same thing as last time... Oh wait, no I didn't. My sis and I went for Fish & Chips which for me tasted.... normal. I was expecting it to be much better. My brother ordered a Thai Fried Rice or something.... Not that tasty too. The only thing that appeal to my taste buds was this Chocolate Ice-Blended drink. Yum~!!

We had some catching up to do and so we did. Basically what we did or they did was tell me everything that's been happening in the house such as uncle did this, auntie did that, grandma yells this and that, bla bla blaaa..... getting me all informed about house issues which for me is getting relentlessly redundant. I'm so glad that sometimes I don't spend so much time at home at all. I'm glad I am in tertiary level and undergoing my degree so that I don't have to spend time in that wretched house.

But through it all, we did have some fun time laughing together and everything. I wanted to spend more time with them this semester break and thank goodness, I'm able to do so because both of them have lots of holiday this time. Yeay!

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