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Bio-Techs Wussies

Okay, I know I haven't been exactly up for it to update my blog recently because every day at my rent house was totally mundane and friggin' boring. What do you expect, classes have all been postponed because of dumb stupid bio-techs students from Shah Alam campus that recently moved to Bestari Jaya campus last semester.

These bio-techs students are such a wuss. Isn't it enough that they had to chase our Business students away to Shah Alam campus, now they had to force the management to move us away from our faculty in moved to their previous faculty (which used to belong to the Business students)? I mean, what the heck is that?

Such wussies! Us Education and Language Studies have resided quite long at our faculty and now because all of you Bio-techs pansies complaint so damn freaking much that we had to switch our faculty with theirs, and not even without consulting if we're okay with it or not. Darn bloody selfish morons.

And because of the moving, our class schedule is messed up and we don't have any venues to hold our classes in the mean time. So we ended up staying indoors, spending time doing things that are simply meant nothing. Especially sleeping..............

I was already all too motivated to start classes and now this shit happens. Could this week get any worse?

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