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Aidil Adha, none like usual

People celebrate Hari Raya Aidil Adha with great joys and laughter, eating 'daging korban', strengthening the family bond indoors and bla bla bla but I ended up waking up in the middle of the afternoon, missed the Raya Haji prayer, and hanging out with my friends more.

That afternoon after I woke up I checked my phone and found there's six messages. One of them was the invitation from Faiz to come over to his house.

And so I did, I picked up Myra from her house because she said she had nothing to do at home. We went over to his house and stayed there for a while. It was surprising to see that both Myra and Faiz can connect well. I mean that they can communicate well, talking and laughing even though they have never seen each other before.

By Maghrib, we left his house and head back to Ampang. Since it was still too early and I didn't want to go back home yet, I asked her if she would be okay to hang out for some more. We were so clueless on where to go. Since we're not that hungry, Old Town or any other restaurant is out of the question. Finally, we decided to hit the Bukit Permai above her house.

We hang out for quite some time, more than two hours if I'm not mistaken. I wanted to hang out longer considering that that night might be the last time I met her before going back to Unisel. Thought that I might miss her a lot since this semester break, I have been going out with her almost every single day. It's been hectic and fun. Going out with her every single night, hang out, eating together, gossiping and trash-talking like there's no tomorrow.

It was funny for some part of the night. We sat by this deep drain which hosted some very lively cockroaches. She was literally jumping here and there avoiding it while screaming. There is this one part that she was sitting and one cockroach was practically walking beneath her legs and she immediately spreads both legs up and scream like crazy. Hahahaha..... it was well darn funny!

OH and if you're wondering, we didn't just sat there and talk. We did bring along some snacks like chocolates, peanuts, buns, some can drinks and not forgetting my ciggies!


  1. hahaha...
    raye yg cam xraye je...
    hehe ami aku akn accept kawan2 ko seadanya....

  2. tahu takpe.. org braya, kte melepak tak igt dunia..
    yerr myra darling ku.. ak pown akan mule start accept jer jake ko tu...


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