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You Again?


Okay, ladies, gents and oh-so-called 'best friends' out there (notice the air quotes). Listen up well! I know people know me well for lashing out bad words and bitch about people when I don't like them, but today I am going to talk to you about this one guy I've kind of grown hating more and more as I spend my days finishing my degree in TESL now. I just can't wait to finish my degree right now and get rid of him as soon as I can. Gosh, I know, that's mean. But I just can't stand it any longer.

He's not exactly your obvious villain in a movie or novel but I'd give him credit for being such a good pretender and a big Mr.Fake in front of everyone. He acts all goody-two-shoes in front of everyone and mingle with everybody but what he is really, is a selfish backstabber. I am saying these because I've been listening to him going on and on about others on how so imperfect others are, how other people are dumb and stupid, how girls are cheap and blah blah blah.............. Not too mention he likes to tease other people as well. Not those normal teasing, but very rude and cruel kind of teasing. He even called one of my classmates as a retarded person just because he has 'Parkinson' illness. That is so not a nice thing to say. Yes, it may be funny at times but people knows boundaries and when to stop. But the problem for him is that he enjoys it too much. I felt pity for my friend. Not only that, he even took it too much that when the lecturers are saying that he's too rude for calling my friend a retarded person, he didn't respond well to it and decided to stand up to them saying he's not wrong. Now, who is the more unreasonable person here? The lecturers or him?

He's a darn f'ing racist. Yes, he is. Though many people won't admit it, so does he, but I could strongly say that he is one established racist. His act may show otherwise but his mouth is like one giant running faucet that keeps flooding on and on about how other race is dumb and old-fashioned, how other races are simply inferior than his race (which is the same as mine). I am not gonna touch more on that because it's too sensitive.  But all I can say in this part is that he is one darn f'ing racist.

He likes to discriminate other people whenever there's an opportunity. Being a bit of a feminine as I am, a tad bit perky and sissy as I am, I am so used to being called 'pondan' or 'bapok' or 'faggot' throughout my days in school. And as I entered university life, all those immature teenagers are growing up and teasing or insulting others have grown out of them. Those acts are simply immature and childish, to call people by names (which is basically rude). But that guy is one person who I don't understand. He called me 'bapok' on our first day of class. Not that I am hurt or felt insulted because I've grown immune to all those talks but, really, what the F is wrong with him? Even children know better not to judge people when you don't even know them well. Seriously, I don't even f'ing know him, and he already starts calling me names? How immature is that?! Even until now, he still calls me that. Ughhh.... I hate him.

Another thing which I totally despise about him is that he's actually the cause why there is separation inside our class. Cliques, if I may rephrase it to make it easier for you to understand. Being 'friendly' and 'community person' as he is, he likes to mingle around with people. Mingling and mixing around is good, but spreading rumors, trash-talking, back-stabbing others behind their back with other people is simply moronic. Because of him, some of us have misunderstanding and now, our class is separated like there is war going on. I'm going to spare any details because it's embarrassing to talk about our class condition right now. 

OH, one juicy thing about him is he is a total hypocrite. Do you know hypocrite means? A hypocrite person is a person who lies to himself and to others about who he is. He always says that he's a very mature person and other people are immatures but I've know him well for two years to conclude that he is SO NOT a mature person. His acts show completely that is as childish as a teenagers who likes to bug others, insult people, crazy for attention, acting like a hero, and being a total jerk. He says that treat people equally and just. Bullshit!'re a darn racist! And you know what? He think he's an alpha male. Hahahahahaha! What a total joke!

He thinks that he is so clever and he's so good with English that he likes to look down on others. From everything that my mom have ever taught me to not do in life is that to never ever look down on others and I've always think highly upon others. And not to care about it if one of my friend ever did wrong to me and just replace those bad memories with all the good things that have happened between me and him. That's what I'm doing right now but lately he's getting all too nasty and I can no longer stand with his obnoxious self. I decided to stopped talking to him. Let me make it clear to you readers out there. I am simply removing myself from his vicinity so that I can no longer see other things that he does. Enough is enough. 

I would like to clear something out here. I am NOT backstabbing him or anything. Back-stabbers are people who act like he's a friend of someone but tell about that person's secrets or anything to other people, bringing that people shame. I am not trying to bring shame to this guy I'm talking about, I'm trying to bring him down to his knees and realizes that he has been such a capital F-A the whole time. Just really, I would really want to see him fall flat on his big ego and nasty mouth. I am not selling him out, but sharing all you readers that I wished that I never knew this guy from the beginning. 

Whoa, this has been ............... fun. I haven't done bitching out to people for quite some time and this is totally a refreshing feeling. Although this is not everything about him, but at least I guess Nuffnang would be please with this much information. I swear to God that I am so not making this up. This jerk is really alive and I am staying with him and my other classmates under one roof. Just imagine, having all this boiled up rage inside of me about him but I have to ignore it and smile like nothing ever happened because I don't want to spark a fight, which would end up him winning. Simply because I didn't learn self-defense martial arts. He's a black belt holder in Tae Kwon Do after all.

Thank you Nuffnang, for giving me this opportunity to express my feeling. Though this is not how I would like to present it because I've toned down the language and tried myself so hard not to mention the letter F. Now, can you please let me go to the special screening??? Pretty please?

love this movie still of Betty White. She looks sooooooooo cute and adorable!!


  1. GREAT post here..
    cek mimie de harapan nih huhu
    pjg berjele tol nih..hehehehe

    aduihh pnat tol saket pinggang i tau!
    wat post party tuh..hahhaha
    harrr xkn dtg jengok je
    FOLLOW lah..hahahahahha XD

  2. thanks!!!
    okay2 I'll follow you!
    I nak update blog I but takder cable usb plak..

  3. yups. got to agree with you there. people like that are f***ing annoying. Some people just don't know the limits. Don't you really hate it when a person think they are above everyone else?

    I know this particular guy who thinks he's all that because he's older than most in his class (and some of the seniors). He expect 'respect' from others but he himself is a failure at that. He should go back to kindergarten and learn what "do unto others what u want others to unto u" means.

  4. Of course. They're obnoxious, totally selfish.

  5. err.... no comment... hahahaha


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