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Wedding and outing!

 9th October, Saturday. On that day, we had planned to tag along with Bear to go back to his house in Banting, for sight-seeing. And so, before we head out, Mien checked his car condition, whether we'll be able to go there safely or not. I was super excited on our trip that I've forgotten that Afif had invited me on the same day to his uncle's wedding. Sorry Afif, I'm more excited to go Banting. I've never been there!!

Since I didn't know a lot about car maintainability, I asked him to show me how to tell what is the indicator that it is time to change the car's black oil. It was, interesting but sadly, I've forgotten all about it again. I'm so not good at remembering anything that have to do on how to maintain a car. Whether the tire needs changing or air, whether the air-conditioner is working properly or not, temperature, engine, blah blah blah.... What I really know is how to drive a car. Though I still need to learn a lot on how to drive a car, professionally.

Seeing that the car is in good condition, we head to Petronas Ijok to fill the car gas.As we were busy on buying snacks and drinks for our trip, Bear was busy calling his family to see whether they can prepare anything for our arrival, our lunch perhaps.

Bear got off the phone, and delivered us a horrifying (cehhh, not horrifying lah) bad news. Apparently, there's nobody in his house back in Banting. Not even his parents. They went out or something, Bear told us. At that moment, we were devastated as hell. We can't be going back home that moment because we already said our goodbyes to our housemates. And then it hit me, Afif's Uncle's wedding. I asked them if they are okay with the decision I made and they said okay. And so we set out destination to Ampang.

During our journey to Ampang, we met with quite a lot of 'uh-may-zing' cars which we think we all think looks cool!

 We saw this white FairLady at the traffic light nearby Paya Jaras. It was so damn cool.

I don'r know what car is this, but it looked cool and Bear asked me to snap a picture of it and I did.
Damn, this Mini Cooper is uber cuteness!

Now, this isn't exactly an "uh-may-zing" car, but it definitely attract my attention... hahaha!
After almost an hour journey because of the damn traffic starting from Ukay Perdana up to Ampang Point, we finally arrived at our destination. I just found out that Afif's house isn't exactly very far from mine. Ahaha!

Arriving there, Afif greeted me and the others, inviting us to eat. Since all of use were damn right starving, we just dig in.

 I don't know what hit his head or whatever, but he insisted to scoop rices for the four of us. How very weird. Bear said, "bagus lah, lepas ni ko boleh la wat keje2 rewang kt kenduri2 kawin lain ek?!"

Actually, they were kind of embarrassed to be there because they have no direct link to the bride or groom. The only link they have is me, being the friend of Afif. They told me they felt like wedding crashers but I say what the heck. Just eat!

 This is the lucky pair!

 Enthusiastic eater, aren't you, Mien?
After the unplanned-wedding-crashing-event, we were thinking of where to go next. Since I was always with ideas or request to go here and there, I asked them if it's okay if we went to catch the movie Wall Street at Wangsa Walk. Why I choose Wangsa Walk? Because I wanted to meet with Ammar and asked him for staff discounted price over the snacks at the GSC. Hahahaha! Brill, isn't it?

But the boys didn't want to go to Wangsa Walk. They chose One Utama instead. In my heart, I was saying, "gosh, I just went there yesterday. And today I'm going there again?" Aiyoyo........

Trying not to pick a fight or sounding too selfish, I nod my head in agreement. And so we departed to One Utama. During our way to the OU, we saw quite a couple of interesting things too.

 I enlarge this picture so that you guys could see the hanging rabbit by the back of the car!
I seriously didn't know if it is a trend or something because I did see something like that on another car too, the other day.. Hmm!

 Because it was Saturday, the MRR2 is much more challenging and annoying as ever. The traffic was long and slow and it was blazing hot! Not to mention, Mien's car air-conditioner was not working and the radio is as kind of broken. Just imagine.

 We saw this cool car but the driver of this car is very 'langsi' owh! He saw me snapping his car's picture and he started to sped off, not giving me opportunity to snap any picture. Feeling a bit challenged, Mien uses his skills in driving and overtook him during the heavy traffic.

And we won! Well, it's not a race, but we managed to get some good shot of the car.

 Suddenly, by the roadside, we saw over-crowding people. Accident. I took a sneak peek and saw there's someone lying on the ground, crippling. OH god, that was an unsightly view. Pity that guy. But that wasn't the only accident we saw on our way to OU. There was two more. One of it was really .... disaster-rific! The car was totally rammed by the side that it looked like those drinking cans being compressed. I wonder if the people involved in the accident were safe.

 A shot on the Taman Layang-Layang sky view. We plan to go there one of these days. Girl-hunting, that's what they said.... hohoho!

 And since the radio was kind of broken, the only entertainment besides the funny jokes that these boys crack up was Mien singing..... my comments? Uhh... no comment!

Finally, we made it to OU. We head to the GSC and my god, there was a long line of people trying to buy tickets. I stand in line for them while they went someplace else. Finally, when I arrived to the front, the B.O. worker told me that the tickets for Wall Street has sold out! Oh man!!!!

Guess it wasn't meant to be. So we were thinking off what to do there since we're already there and it'd be a fucking waste of time we left just like that since we took some time to get there and search for a parking space. They suddenly had an urge to karaoke.

At first, I joined them for three songs. And then they started choosing all those 'jiwang2' songs and Avenged Sevenfold songs - which I will never understands. I can't take it and I went outside and spend some time at the cyber cafe directly in front.

When they were finished with their 'melalak-ing', I told them let's have dinner since I was hungry once more. We were kind of hesitant to choose where to eat and finally we decided to hit Subway. On our way there, we stop by at a gift shop. 

Bear wanted to buy some souvenirs for his 'daughters' back in Unisel.

After dinner, we went by to the pet store in front of Subway, just for fun, and to tease Bear. Hahahaha!!

 Gosh, these kittens were fucking adorable! Zul sticks his hand by the gap under the door and the kittens were trying to grab it. One time, the cat tried to jump and hit the door. Oh so funny and cute!!

 Geez..... rats having sex!!!

 This puppy is damn cute!!!!

After the pet store, we decided it's time to leave. But as we walked nearby the Cold Storage, Bear and I saw something... interesting! Halloween items!!

I bought a couple of things there to prepare for my Halloween profile picture look! Wait for it!!!!

Before we leave, I asked them to accompany me to the takoyaki shop to buy some since I had a craving for them since Faiz bought it for me a day earlier. These takoyakis are fucking delicious. But after this, I'm just gonna stick to Baby Octopus takoyakis. Unagi and the others aren't tasty at all.
Finally, before we went back home, we decided to hang out with Bear for a while with his daughter at the cafe. Gosh, it has been such a long time. I can no longer see familiar faces there. All of them were juniors and wannabes! Haaaa.......

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