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Vaseline Celebration Pool Party

2nd October, Saturday. I got two invites for the Nuffnang Vaseline Celebration Pool Party at Luna Bar. At first it was super hard trying to find anyone to become my plus one but finally I came through and picked Myra because she said okay.

That morning, I was thinking off taking a bus ride to KL but Ayie and his friends was kind enough to drop me off at the Sungai Buloh KTM Station. From there, I head to KL Sentral. I had my brunch at the Burger King there. I wanted to go to the McDonald but it was packed with people and I saw Burger King, so what the heck. I saw one cute guy there! Ahakz. He was dressed in a nice stripe shirt and looked very smart and cool at the same time. I'm melting...............

Anyway.... While eating, I texted Myra and asked her where to meet up.

I met up with Mira at Times Square because I decided to do some outfit-hunting for the Pool Party event. I decided to shop at Subzero because they have lots of outfit in both black and white. And since I decided to go for white, it's a perfect option. What makes it more interesting and easier is because Subzero was having a sale. Boy, did I save quite a lot of money that day shopping there. I got two outfits from Subzero which both only costs me like less than RM100!

It took quite some time picking outfits and all. It was tiring, kind of. I was just actually kind of clueless on what to choose because everything looked good and boy the prices are like heaven. Most of them have like 50% and 70% discount tag on it. SO, imagine buying all those expensive Subzero items at a cheaper price. It was a total bargain.

After some time shopping, we went to Papa Johns because Myra was starving. It was the first time for both of us there but since we were kinda starving, we just ordered randomly, not delegating or hesitating on what to eat. It was okay I guess. Their breadsticks are like so much more puffier and tastier than that of Pizza Hut's. The only thing that was a fucking sore eye to me there it the waiter that attended us. He was wearing very heavy make-up! 

Yup, you heard me well. MAKE-UPS!!! He was wearing a ridiculous amount of foundation and powder. And to top it all, he even wear a bright pink lipstick and a super obvious pink blusher. Foundation and powder, yes, I could still tolerate but blushers?!!!! Oh my GaGa!!!! He was a fucking sore sight to look at. He was oozing gay and drag aura around him!!!

After that lunch, we head to the parking lots where Myra parked her car and we changed clothes. We were kind of rushing cause it was already 5pm over and the even supposed to starts at 5pm. Thank goodness by the time we arrived there, it still hasn't started. People were just still gathering up.

It was windy and the high sky breeze was super cozy. I felt like sleeping!

The place is beautiful, I tell you. Really it was! Though it's actually a poolside party instead of a pool party, it was still nice. I just love the place a fucking lot. It was beautiful, high-class and looked totally expensive. And the best part is I don't have to pay for anything. Just the parking fee which costs like RM5.

 So, everything started when Jojo Stroys came out of nowhere to the stage and wishes a warm welcome to all the nuffies. God damn, she was fucking beautiful! Seriously!! Although she maybe petite and all, she still is very sweet and pretty. I love how she looked like that day. Her eyes are so captivating!

Since it is still a Nuffnang event, we bloggers were mixing and mingling around, getting to know each other well. And to my surprise, not all the bloggers are anti-social or too shy to mix around like what other people says so. Some of them are nice, and friendly. I met these two girls who is like very sweet: Suzai and Iman.

Get to know Suzai better by visiting her blog at, Sizzling Suzai
and Iman at her Facebook page

Get to know Nana better at her blog webpage

ehehe.......... I've forgotten to take their blog link... silly me!

It was enjoyable throughout the whole evening. From all the games and mini contests to the comedy act by a new upcoming celebrity... (oh shit. I forgot his name!), and a live performance by Yuna. Gosh, her voice was totally haunting. It was beautiful and serene. She's so lovely and I am glued to hearing her songs. I love her accent, her bubbly songs, and her beautiful serene voice!

I had quite enjoyed myself that day! If only I could get to flirt with someone there. eheheeh.... JK! But I did asked the bartender for his phone number which turns out to be a fake. Darn it! He was handsome!


  1. hey, it was nice meeting you! will update on the party soon. i'm quite busy lately

  2. mel : it was my friend's. I'm not a girl. That's me in the white blazer.

    nana : yup2..... take ur sweet time. I'll be waiting.

  3. hi cek mimie,,
    baru lar i sampai blog u nih..
    so sorry bot the s0-s00-s0 late update "~___~
    go lah n check it k
    n btw,THANKS A LOT 4 d pic n link ^^
    cayaang cek mimie..hehehe..lets meet up again erkk..


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