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Shopping Mania

8th October, Friday. Remember when I told you on the last post that the girls decided to do their shopping on the other day instead, well Friday was the day. They decided they wanted to go to three places : One Utama, Sungai Wang, and KLCC. Oh mak kau. That's kind of impossible. At least that's what I thought. Anyway, so at 12pm or so, we hit the car and head straight to One Utama, our first destination. My god, finding a parking was.....unbelievably hard.

For the past couple months (I guess...) the bowling alley was closed due to it's renovation, and voila, it was finally opened. It was damn pretty. So, bright and attractive.

Love the ceiling. Hundreds of bowling pins hanging and the colorful reflected on those pins was just spectacular.

Before we start out mission, we head to the candy shop right in front of GSC and bought some candies.

Remember this bubble-gum machine. Yum yum! I bought one for myself!!!

Yona bought some marshmallow which she keeps on gobbling throughout the whole time we went shopping.

It's darn stupid if you don't know this Durian snack. I fucking love these things when I was small. It taste like durian and it even have the same smell. Not the stink, but the lovely fruit smell.

I requested we went to MPH first because I wanted to have a look-see at some of the stationery.

Yona found this Gift Book section which sells some of the loveliest books and album for collections, not to mention, the perfect wedding gifts. A book on pregnancy caught her eyes. I think I want to give that to her for her wedding gift. Let's just cross our fingers that I won't forget all about it.

So, after that delay at MPH, we straight ahead for our main objective. Shopping. Guess which shop did we went in first?


Gah.......... everything there was fucking expensive. There are a couple of pinstripe shirts that caught my eyes but it was fucking expensive. Then I saw these feathered sweaters and cardigan that just totally melt my heart away into the drain. It was super chic and stylish. I went and feel the material and it was soft and comfortable but when I turned the price tag over, hahahahahaha............. RM399. Buh-bye....

I can't believe of these prices. They're almost as 'cekik darah' as most Subzero's clothes. But Mien told me that only buy Padini items when they're on sale. Because if it wasn't, then these prices of RM199, RM299, RM399 and so on is the only ones you'll see on each item.

Somehow, this shade caught my eyes and thank goodness it wasn't that expensive. RM49, not bad eh?

How do I look? Yeah, I know, I'm not pretty. (>_<)

Yona somehow scored a very chic shoes which I say is an awesome catch. It was hot and currently in trend. It's a beige, peep-toe wedges with leather strapping. Hotness!

Next, she wanted to go to the Forever21 shop. Since that shop only sells ladies item, Faiz and I decided to stay outside waiting. I was feeling thirsty and went to this JuiceWork stall which sells smoothies, yogurts, ice-blended and fruit juices. They even sell some sandwiches and desserts such as tarts, pies and fruits. I decided to buy a Smashing Berries smoothie which have strawberries, raspberries, banana and some other things mix along with it. It was lovely. I could feel the freshness and the banana taste is just awesome!

I even applied to be a member.

Faiz and I waited so long for the girls. Gosh, the took almost forever inside there. I asked Faiz why did the girls took such a long time, and he said there was a sale. Hearing the word "sale" I quickly left my drink to Faiz and rushed inside. Hahahaha! Even though it's a ladies shop, I cannot ignore the fact that there was a sale going on. I could buy something that doesn't look too feminine and could fit me. My first time searching around the shop was a failure. I couldn't find anything that isn't too feminine.

And so I went to look at Yona and Fifie as I'm wondering what took so long. Yona was clearly searching for something special cause I didn't see her holding anything. Fifie was busy trying out clothes. So, Yona and I went to the accessories section.

She was trying on a couple of headbands, finding the most perfect one. I personally love the headband trend right now. It's pretty and casual at the same time. While Yona was busy trying on headbands, something or rather someone caught my eyes. Yup, that guy in the green sweater. I'm pretty sure he's Chinese but he's fucking cute!!! I swear to you I was wondering as hard as hell why did a guy went inside a ladies store. Then a thought occurred to me that he might be buying something for his girlfriend. Ah, that wasn't important. The thing is, he's sooooooo yummylicious good-looking!

I even 'curi-curi' snapped a couple photos of him but I couldn't get a clear photo of his face. All I know is that he was dreamy enough. Like sweet melted butter on bread. Oh, shit, homosexuality talking too much!

Since I was so hooked up on him, I followed him when he went outside and he sat quite close to the bench that Faiz sat. I sat next to Faiz, pretending to chat with Faiz but all the time, I was staring at him. Geez, Mimie, get a grip. You'll never get him. And finally, after some time staring at him, two grown Chinese women approached him. And then I know, I think one of 'em is his mom and the other one might be his mother's friend. Maybe he tagged along with them, accompanying them. Oh so sweet!!!!

After the guy left, then reality snaps back at me, realizing that the girls are still inside the shop, endlessly looking for an item to buy. Finally, we can wait no longer, Faiz and I went inside to see what the girls are still up to. And we found out that Yona was seriously undecided on which jeggings should she buys.

Finally, she choose one and we finally left the store. By the time we finish, both Faiz and I were starving as hell. So I sent Faiz on an errand to buy some Takoyakis. While we went to buy the takos, the girls and I went to the next store, Quicksilver. Inside the quicksilver, Yona was looking for things at Roxxy and once again, my eyes caught attention on one of the store attendant. This guy was super uber cute!! Really really 'jambu' I tell you! Like seriously!!!! But this time I couldn't snapped any photo of him because he was attending me (which was pretending to look at the items when I actually was staring at him) when I actually have no interest to buy anything because the items there are also so fucking expensive.

When went outside of the store, we saw this long line in front of TOPSHOP.

I don't know what the fuck was happening or whatever it is but I could conclude only one things. Topshop was having some event which the customer will win something....

See that counter and that bingo thingy... it must have something to do with why is there a fucking long line.

Lingerie in trend : ARMY!!!
So, when the girls went inside Dorothy Perkins, Faiz finally arrived with the takoyakis.

Seeing that both of us were hungry, Yona decided to hit just one more store before we stopped our shopping at One Utama and proceed to Sungai Wang. While she was busy surveying items in the last shop, I went to the nearby Starbucks and bought the usual Caramel Choc Chip.

Interesting fact I found out that day. All of the store attendant was wearing shorts. Yes, shorts! Well, not the hip-length shorts, knee-length shorts. That was weird. Even for the girls. But what I notice the most was that the cashier who took my order was smoking hot!

After that, we finally left One Utama and went to Bukit Bintang.

Since most of us were starving, we decided to hit the food store first. They promised me that we'd eat at the Hainan Chicken Rice shop the next time we'd be in KL and they kept their promise. We went there.

My comments? Just okay. Not that really of a tasty chicken rice or whatever. At least it tasted good.
After that, we went into Sungai Wang. There, four of us separated. The girls went to crazy on a shopping galore while Faiz and I went upstairs looking for games. It took quite some time waiting for the girls to be done with their shopping. After two hours or so, they were done with their shopping. 

At first, when Yona was done with her shopping, she asked us if we wanted to go to KLCC and catch a movie but something happened that made Yona ........... had a mood swing. I was at fault for that. Sorry Yona. Since she was out of mood, we decided to just hit back home as most of us were already tired.

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