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Photos and Pizzas

Couple weeks back, we got our class photo taken, remember that post? Well, yesterday afternoon, the photo company called and asked us to pick up the photo. Faizal took the photo from them because I had went out with Mira to the premier screening. Thanks Faizal. The next job is to deliver these photos to our classmates. Well not delivering exactly, just giving it to them. We decided to wait at the Cafe and asked them to come down from their blocks and get these photos themselves. The photos did come out great actually. I was only disappointed because there was supposed to  three frames of a jump shoot photo. But not one of them got printed. Aaaaaiissshhh............

Right after that little task, it was the surprised dinner with all three of us, Faizal, Mira and I. Well, it's not exactly a dinner but a lunch + tea time cause it was almost evening and we still haven't had lunch since we took a heavy breakfast. That doesn't matter. Our destination : Pizza Hut!

Surprisingly, Mien tagged along. I thought he didn't wanted to, and Mira insisted that it'd be just us three. But alas, another wouldn't hurt. The more the merrier!

Remember on the last post that I told you guys Mira had quite some Domo-kun collecter's item? Here's some of those things.

 Neat, isn't it?

We got there and we were surprised because the second floor isn't opened. I mean like, what the heck?? We had to seat at the cramped up tight spaces by the 1st floor. I was wondering what's wrong. Whether they're doing a renovation or something broken or whatever it is, I was getting super curious. When I went to the toilet, which is on the second floor, I saw everything was looking totally fine. Then, why don't they opened the second floor? So dumb-dumb!

We don't know what the fuck actually happened but I did remembered Mien something like asking Faizal to shut up during the journey there because he was so happy playing pranks on both  Mira and Mien. Matchmaking them, to be exact. Because of that shut up notion Mien mentioned to him, Faizal refused to talk almost 80% the whole time we were at the Pizza Hut.

He was taking it way seriously. We couldn't bear the silent treatment. Because of what he did, we didn't talk much too. That was my first time, eating somewhere with them, but everyone was so quite as if someone's dead. No, seriously. Everyone was like.... super silent. This is one fucking torturing silent treatment. At some time during eating, we tried asking him question and everything. He did response, but not talking, some sort of sign language that was kind of hard to figure out. During the decoding part of his sign language, we finally filled the environment with some laughter. It was so much fun figuring out what he was trying to say. I, myself was having a super hard time figuring it out. Although most of the time it was quiet as hell, it was still fun when there was an opportunity to laugh during the decoding stage.

Oh yeah, I totally forgot to mention what did we order. Hehehehe.. I've forgotten. We did order quite a few side dishes such as my favorite Large Hut's Platter, Mira ordered a Creamy Carbonara Ricotta (was it? I kind of forgotten. I can only recognize angel's hair, spirali, fettuccine, macaroni, and vermicelli), and a new fish stick which tasted quite awesome (and it's way cheaper than calamari ring set).

Our Pizza was the new Cheesy Extreme 6 Pizza which has the combination of six types of cheese!!! I'm not lying, six types of cheese : Parmesan, Mozzarella, Romano, Cheddar, Provolone and Monterey Jack.
A real heaven for cheese lover just like me!
We have a choice three toppings which we can choose :  Cheesy Chicken, Hawaiian Chicken or Pepperoni.
OR we could opt to go for no toppings at all, just plain cheese pizza. I would've been fine with that, enjoying just the cheese, but they picked Cheesy Chicken.

It tasted real good!!! I'm sooooo loving it! A real cheesy cheese pizza. I wonder if they could provide us with the cheesy dip sauce like the cheesy dip pizzas before. Now that will be a totally utter bliss of paradise for all cheese lovers out there, including moi. That would be like a total treat, but then again, that would made me gain more weight because cheese contains quite a lot of fat. Such dilemmas!

It was such a great time to release the stress and pressure of exams. Well at least we have two more to deal with. One paper tomorrow afternoon at 3pm, and another one on Monday the 25th. Before we went back, I asked them to stop by the Watsons because my facial cleanser had finished already and I needed to buy a new one. I also bought these rejuvenating facial masks which is like on a super cheap discount if I became a member of the Watsons, which I did. I was thinking what the heck, cause I always buy stuff at Watsons. After that pit stop, we finally head back.

Guys, thanks for the trip. It was fun!!!!


  1. long time didnt eat pizza edy :)

  2. ya lor...
    same here.
    it was a real treat yesterday. with lots of cheese some more~

  3. hahahaaa! overexposed story! yikes!
    nex time we go to satay hut pulak, k babe?

  4. ape yg over-exposed nyer?
    but nanti kat satay hut mesti x dpt gamba cantik2.. coz mlm n phone nokie kalo tgkp gamba time mlm mesti x cantik punyer lah


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