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Engangement, Bowl and Karaoke

 10th October, Sunday. On that lovely Sunday, our dearest friend, Izzy held an engagement party at her house in Saujana Utama. Being her friends, and the fact that she's two years younger (or is it one year... what the heck) than me, I just have to see this guy she's going to step into the world of marriage. Since Yona already went out the day earlier and haven't returned since, we only did a two-car convoy. One car that consists of Faiz, Fifie and Ayie (Fifie's car), and another that consists of Mien, Bear, Zul and I (mien's car).

Since her house was at Saujana Utama, the journey wasn't that long. And surprisingly, I still remember the exact way to get to her house.

By the time we arrived, the event had already finished but that's okay. We wouldn't want to be around lots of people anyway. We were there for the food. No, really. I was. Well, I expected something..... different. But, i
I have no complaints. It's just that I was expecting Izzy's Cream Cheese Cake!!!!

Mien, dressing up glam like he's one getting engaged!

After we all had finished eating, chatting and spending time there, it was time for us to leave. At first I wanted to leave with Mien because Yona decided she wanted to go to OU to watch the movie Wall Street (the movie I've been wanting to catch). Although I was hesitant at first, I decided not to go because I'm feeling not-cheerful-enough to go out for another outing, to OU again. And as I was just ready to step inside Mien's car, Faiz and Yona was barking at me, forcing me to come with them. I didn't want to go but they kept on forcing me and threatening me... the end, I had to follow...... *sigh*

Hello, One Utama... we met again, for the third time....

Finding a parking space was as usual, incredibly fucking hard. Not to mention that it was Sunday and lots of people are pouring in on many shopping complexes. We wanted to park at the New Wing but the New Wing was full, and so we had to take a big re-round around Bandar Utama to get to the Old Wing. After some hard time looking, we finally found a spot.

Okay, objective for this outing?

-Movie (Yona)
-Bowling (Faiz)
-Karaoke (Ayie)

What am I going to do there? I don't fucking hell know. Maybe I'll take another visit to the takoyaki shop again since I'm so addicted to it right now. Oh, and maybe I'll go shopping at Romp... or anywhere. I was just clueless on that day. I'll probably go with the flow.

Hmmmm............................anyway. Since we parked at the Old Wing, not to mention, the corner side of the Old Wing, we had to walk all the way to the New Wing, which is... quite tiring. While walking, I guess what I saw? Remember the 100Plus car I saw yesterday? That same car was there too. And I saw a mini cooper too!

It's a mini cooper, right?

Anyway, for those who were with me after this photo was taken, we all laughed like hell due to one thing that happened that completely made me look like a total dumb-dumb. But it was funny as hell. After some tiring walking, we finally arrived at the New Wing. We decided to hit the bowling allet first.

Uhhh.... I'm not good at bowling. I just play for fun!

Faiz and Ayie were such a high scorer!!!

Look at that stupid person. He doesn't know how to bowl at all!

And hey, I fucking love this shoe!!! It felt comfortable and it's quite edgy!

So much for bowling. Anyway, at the bowling alley, there was so much more funny things that happened, such as someone jumping and falling flat over his knee, someone trying to toss the ball but the it flew to the back, almost hitting someone's feet, someone tried to bowl but once he lets go of the ball, he fell down with the ball too..... aiyoh. There's just so many funny things that happened. I had quite some laughing fun time there.

Next, we're off to catch the movie. But as unlucky as we were, most of the seats are already taken by other people and the ones left are the ones in the front. And I am as sure as hell never going to sit at the front seat, head looking up, enjoying the movie. Oh, no fucking way. We tried talking it out with Yona and finally she agreed to give it up. I felt bad for asking her not to watch the movie because she doesn't mind sitting at the front. Because she looked uber sad and lifeless because we denied her request.....

After the movie plan was canceled, we head straight to the karaoke place. This is my first time going to Neway, which seemed like a promising karaoke place. It's quite expensive though!

After some talk, negotiating the prices and the combos available, complimentary blah blah blah, it came to the conclusion that the total that we need to pay was RM300++ (I can't quite recall how much but it was almost to RM400). Isn't it fucking expensive?! The receptionist said that we are entitled to two free drinks per head, and a dinner buffet. She gave us the room number, and off we go.

Ini amoi sangat comel wooo!!!!

Our room was on the second floor. As soon as we opened the door, I was quite surprised to see how the room looked like. No wonder it is kind of a bit expensive. It's spacious enough, and had such comfortable seats. So fucking comfortable!

Enjoying the comfortable-ness!

These two buffoons were mocking me, telling me that's the pose that I did when they woke up and see me still sleeping. They said they took a picture of it and I was damn right shocked. I really did posed like that in the picture. Staring at that picture for quite some time leaving me feeling disgusted at myself, but funny at the same time. I feel ashamed!
Okay, the karaoke machine was okay. Lots of choices of songs, the songs were great, except there was a some minor setback that put me off mood. 
- the microphone kept on sending high-pitched screech to everyone's ear. You know... (idk how to explain)
- the song selection menu was all jumbled up. The artist's name wasn't sorted alphabetically. (so it's hard to find the songs that we wanted)

But through it all, there was one thing, and one thing only that kept me totally in bliss during the time we were in the Neway. The dinner buffet!!!!!

They said at 7pm, we can go downstairs to take foods at the dinner buffet. And by that time, I asked Yona to accompany me downstairs to take some food. At first, I thought the buffet would serve normal foods. But as I went down and looked at the buffet, OMK!!!!!!!! So many delicious food~!!! I was totally screaming in joy (in my heart..)!!!!

There was just so many selection of foods! They have Roti Canai, Roti Nan, a garden selection of fresh salads and fruits, Nasi Lemak, Porridge, Chinese Food (I don't know the specific names. They wrote it in Kanji), western dishes, soba noodles, ramen noodles, seafood (oysters, clams, crab, prawns), rojak, sushi, and many more. The dessert area also made me salivating so much!!!

A mixed of coleslaw, salad, potato salad with both Thousand Island  and Japanese dressing.

Watashi was sushi no hontou daisuki nano!!!!

Creamy, custard-y, whipped cream desserts - a heaven for sweet tooth!

Okay, this might not looked like super delicious, but we have a every bit of everything of the western dishes here - crabs, chickens, beef, fish, duck, oysters, and more!

After that deliciously satisfactory huge dinner, I was totally okay with why the karaoke price was so expensive. I tell you, it's totally worth it! The foods were amazing! I haven't eaten that much food for ages. It's somewhat both relieving and not so relieving to know that I am still able to eat that much quantity of food. Guess I can still eat a lot if I really want to....

Anyway, while the others are busy singing, I took more time eating. I was totally enjoying the moments - food and moi~ Hahahahahaha!!!!

Finally, it was 10pm and we finally head back because it was already kind of late.

Buh-bye One Utama, for the third time.

And that my friend, concludes the three days in a row, I went to One Utama for different purposes!


  1. omk?
    aku p0n penah gi neway..
    mahal gler an?
    tp sugar dad member aku yg byr..
    tmpt dier style gler..
    ngan makanan dier lg..

  2. huhuuuuuuuuuuuuu GILER MAHAL RM400 nk lah sy membuatnyerr,.w/pon sy adlah FANATIC FAN of karaoke..hahah
    but the FOOD IS TOTALLY AWESOME dh mcm buffet kat hotel meh~


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