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Class Photo Day

Earlier this morning was the last class for Tuan Haji Adenan's Educational Psychology. And as we all might have guessed it, he did those group by group evaluations, asking questions about how he conducts his lesson, are we fine with everything, was there any complications... blah blah blah............

As groups by groups being called to the other classroom, the ones left in our classroom was making a heavy wreck of it. Noises, shouting and buzzing all over. Although some of them are busy doing the last assignment assigned to ask to keep us busy while Tuan Haji was interviewing other groups, some of them are just simply enjoying the time, having moi... hahaha!

Illuminati what is said by Bearilla~

After class was finished, Faizal informed us that today was class photo day and reminded us not to leave after they have done their all their bizz. We are supposed to wait by at the rotunda until everyone is accounted and for to get our photo taken.

And as ignorant as they are, some of our classmates just leaves. Agghh... it's fucking frustrating talking to people who doesn't appreciate it when we are doing things for their own best interest. That's what Faizal and I have been suffering for two years already. He and his monitoring task, meeting and arranging classes with the lecturers. Me and my treasury position, collecting money from classmates, and photocopying notes and other things.

We did our best trying to take care for this class, but some of them just don't appreciate it. And this semester, we had it. This will be our last semester taking care of them. Come next semester, they will have to appoint other people to do those things. We're darn tired.


Finally, we went only with those who wanted to take the pictures and just ignore those who doesn't have any initiative to stick together if there's any class event. So we make do with what we have and we started the photoshoot session.

There was this major hustle bustle of shouting and screaming over all those blazers, finding their sizes. I end up with a size 18' blazer which is still kinda of loose for me.. I guess I should have wore a 17'. But eh, what the heck. It was super funny looking over them, fighting through the crowd like it's a battlefield and everyone is trying to compete to get their wins.. Hahaha!

Easy girls.... easy!

In the end, everything turned out well as everyone enjoyed the photoshoot, even though it is like freaking darn blazing hot under the sun! The fun part is when the candid photos were taken. We had seven frames and each one of it was spent taking lots of fun pictures! I can't wait for the pictures to be processed and I am so gonna frame it.... Gonna find a nice frame and hang it up at my house. A memory of my classmates whom I love!

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