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Cars, Rawang and Pizza Hut

6th October, Wednesday. A couple weeks back, I drove Yona's car and accidentally hit a big ass rock that causes her right side skirting of the car to crack. As days went, the crack got bigger and now the skirting almost fell off. Feeling scared, she asked me to accompany her to a workshop to get it fixed. With the help of Hakim, he managed to scour us a good mechanic that won't charge too high of prices. He asked us to meet him over nearby back roads to Rantau Panjang.
But he took quite some time to came over and while waiting, Mien and I got bored. So we went outside and took some pictures. Not that much. I'm just testing the capabilities of my new phone, that is.
And as expected, it was quite satisfactory. 5megapixels prove to be ..... okay. It had several mode which I love so much. And not to mention the close-up macro mode which I fucking like so much. It made the object of the photo on pure contrast while the background is less focused on.

After the negotiations with the mechanic, she decided to get the car fixed on Thursday. The day which Mr.Mus decided to do one fucking day full of presentations. Which turned out to be, not quite boring. So, after the talk with the mechanic, we head to Rawang as the Fifie wanted to do some shopping at the Mydin.

To our surprise, we actually haven't explored the Rawang town as much. Further than the usual roundabout, there's another part of the town which we haven't explored. We were quite.... astonished. We head directly to the Maybank because some of us wanted to withdraw some money.

As it turned out to be, most of us were kind of hungry. So we head by the newly opened Pizza Hut outlet which is located directly next to the Maybank. Yeay, no need to walk far.

And it proved to be, the Pizza Hut is really new. All of the workers are like so, blurry and slow. There's a girl who smiles and blah blah blah, but did not take heed my callings, a guy who walks around doing nothing when I clearly made it obvious to ask him to pick up all of the dirty plates as there wasn't enough room for us to eat. The tables are quite small in sizes. And they don't even have a second floor.

After the dinner, it was already 8pm over and since Mien had a karate training at 9pm, the girls changed their plans to shop for things another day. They took into consideration of Mien's request to go back early. Isn't that sweet? Hahahaha! So we went back early. With Yona's awesome driving skill, we managed to arrived back in Taman Ilmu before 9pm.  

Random picture of the day:

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